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The Lounging Hound Sofa Toppers

Making your sofa look elegant while keeping it clean.


Every now and again you come across a product where you think “that’s SUCH a good idea, why haven’t I seen this before?”

The Lounging Hound Sofa Topper was definitely one of those moments for me. I was approached by the company to ask if I could review the toppers with the view to adding the product to my ‘Snippets Recommends’ section.

Before now, I have only reviewed products that I have bought personally so I needed to find out a bit about the company. The website is clean and elegant, and that reflects in the products too.  I was really curious to see how the topper would work, I have a three seater leather sofa and seems like I have been constantly cleaning recently (a very wet and grey February).

From the start, the communication was friendly & enthusiastic. The sofa toppers have microsude on one side and either pure wool or velvet on the other. I was given a choice of sample colours and materials that they had in stock; they are usually made to order which is why they can offer a bespoke service.

Now I could have gone with a colour similar to my sofa; however I loved the idea of the wool Tea Rose, I thought a splash of beautiful rich pink would bring a bit of fun to my living room.

It arrived well packaged, tied up in a couple of beautiful satin ribbons (which of course I kept for future present wrapping!). The colour was beautiful & vibrant, just what I wanted; and both the wool and the microsuede looked and felt luxurious.

I was a little worried that the whole thing may slip off with overenthusiastic hounds jumping on it, so far I have only had the occasional inch or two moving away from the back, otherwise it’s stayed firmly in place.

In the interest of test purposes, I let a muddy Jasper go straight into the living room and to his usual spot on the sofa. Mud firmly embedded on the topper, I hoped and prayed that I hadn’t ruined this beautiful item. I grabbed a soft cloth (in this case a cotton tea towel) and gave it a soft wipe & hey presto! Off came the mud!

After a few days, I noticed that liquid had been spilt at some point, eeek! I needn’t have worried, a gentle rub with the soft cloth and it was like new again.

Now a little confession, I had been using it with the microsuede side up for a few weeks instead of the wool – whoops! I don’t think it matters though, I have had the same result on both sides.

The next point may be a plus or a minus for you if you are thinking about purchasing one for yourself; the hounds love it. It’s usually only Jasper, our whippet cross, on the sofa, maybe because the leather can be quite cold for the others. We now however regularly have to contort ourselves round the hounds as they keep claiming it. (Yes I know, we are a bit soft, but they are well behaved hounds who deserve a bit of luxury in their lives).

I have had to put in a request to see if they can do a single one for our chair, it’ll be much better than the tired throw we currently have on it.

Website: www.thelounginghound.com

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