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Collars that stand out in a crowd

I can honestly say, these collars are one of the most hardwearing, beautifully made collars we have had to date. We met Dogs & Horses at the CLA Game Fair in July 2014 and I was drawn to the gorgeous contrasting colours of the collars and leads. We have been through A LOT of collars, both leather & fabric and so far these still look amazing after a nearly two years of constant wear.....well, apart from Boo's but I made the mistake of getting a pale pink lining for the only hound that likes to run head first through brambles and under fences so it still looks pretty good considering!

Padded for Comfort

The collars are padded which I always look for when they are leather, really thick and very high quality which obviously comes with a price tag but when you work out cost per wear (which is also what I do with my shoes!), you start to understand the benefit.

Because of the quality, it makes sense to look after them so I oil them regularly with neatsfoot which you can get from most country stores or Amazon, it only takes a couple of minutes but it does mean that you will get more life out of your beautiful collar. One thing to note is that some spot flea treatments may damage the colour so make sure it has plenty of time to dry.

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*Reviewed personally because I love the brand & product. I was not paid for this review.

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