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Podenco Beach Shoot

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There are many, many things I love about my job, but high up there is when I meet people who’s lives have been changed by their hounds; whether they are at a place in life they had never even thought of because of their dog, or their hounds have inspired them to be something, or do something that they never dreamed possible. This is definitely one of those stories.


I met Megan and her pods on our West Wittering Whippet walks, and was very much taken with the gorgeous red and white hounds and was so pleased to see that she had set up a dog walking business with a difference. Megan has taken on the task of not walking, but running with her clients dogs, whether it be canicross (harness system on lead) or a regular run, her clients are dogs who need and love a bit of a faster pace. But Hounded Southsea is becoming so much more than that! Megan is also dedicated to helping people understand how to get the best out of nutrition and enrichment for their dogs with an emphasis on natural.

The shoot took place at West Wittering, on a very lucky day - as in, it didn't rain after what seemed like months of it non stop (it’s raining yet again as I’m writing this at the beginning of May, enough already!) With four Pod’s to photograph I am very glad that Megan brought her Hounded partner Holly with her to be dog wrangler.

We thought we would give them a blast on the beach first, however Smiley (the only girl of the group, and the biggest mischief maker), slipped off for a jaunt in the dunes, that’s where we started instead! The light was divine, we chose an early morning at low tide and these shots with the low sun through the grass, I have to admit, are my personal favourites.

The Podenco’s were a little distracted so I asked Megan to pretend to throw something which usually gets the hounds attention, the only problem being, there was only sand which probably explains why I brought half the beach home in my hair. We then headed off to the main part of the beach, where the action shots took place.

I noticed that because it was low tide, there were sections of high and low beach, and by positioning myself on the lower sections I could capture the hounds with the expanse of blue sky and they became almost silhouettes. I adore this one of Megan and her hounds all together like this, it’s striking in its simplicity.


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