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Sid & Joey Whippet Photoshoot

April 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A Wonderful Woodland Shoot

I met gorgeous Sid & Joey a while ago as they are regulars at the Whippet Walk I help organise.  Although both hounds and their humans love the beach, they decided they would like to do a woodland shoot so I chose a quite location of evergreen trees where I knew the dappled light coming through the leaves would look lovely, even in late January.

Fawn-whippet-woodlandWhippet-portrait-photoWhippet in winter photography

As both Sid & Joey could be led astray by each other for a good old explore, we started off with a few portraits on lead (as long as the lead is held in a certain way, I can take it out in processing), and both boys were fantastic at responding to sounds for that really direct gaze. Some of the sounds I make get lovely reactions like Joey’s jaunty ears!

Black-whippet-photoshoot-hampshire-sussexBlack-whippet-woods-photography-hampshireBlack whippet in the woods

I try and make these shoots as fun as possible for your dogs, after all, they have no idea what’s expected of them and don’t understand that they need to ‘perform’ for a shoot. So we ended this session with the hounds running between their humans which they obviously enjoyed, I adore doing action shots as it freeze frames an expression that the owners don’t usually see. 

Whippet-dog-action-running-photography Whippets in action running shot.


The thing I particularly love about Joey & Sid’s portraits is how the chocolate brown of their eyes almost matches the natural hues of the woods in winter just proving that you don’t have to have a shoot in the middle of summer for gorgeous portraits.


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