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3 Fact About Dog Shampoo Which I Couldn't Believe

April 07, 2018  •  1 Comment

Changing the face of dog soaps


I have to admit, before I came across The Dog and I, I never really thought about what I washed the hounds with. Generally I used a dog shampoo from the pet shop, it was dog specific so it was perfect for dogs right? Not necessarily. Here are 3 things about dog shampoo's which has really made me re-think.

  1. Dog Shampoo's aren't safety assessed, because there is no-where to send it to! How insane is that? They are able to use things like SLS which is a cheap foaming agent and can be harsh, it has also been known to be a skin irritant. In human shampoo's you will find SLS free products for people who have sensitive skin; now imagine your dog licking itself and those lovely unregulated ingredients after their bath. The mind boggles.
  2. Makers don't have to put the ingredients on the bottle so you can't make an informed decision as to whether it would be good for your dog, or if there are any irritants in there.
  3. If just 1% of the nation's 8.5 million dogs (well, their owners anyway) converted from a bottle of shampoo to a bar of soap, that would be 85000 less plastic bottles out there. That figure blows my mind. Of course long haired dogs may still need shampoo, wouldn't it be amazing though if they used a product with natural ingredients instead of lots of unnecessary 'stuff'.

So that's how The Dog and I converted me to use soap for my hounds and I have been super impressed with how effective it is. I can easily use the bar to do 'spot' cleans of muddy paws as it fits neatly in my hand and I don't have to try and wrangle the muddy hound and try and upend a shampoo bottle. The lather is rich but washes off really easily so I don't have to worry about any residue. All that aside though, I always try and support small businesses when I can, and the fact that the people behind this brand area also blinking lovely is just an added extra bonus.

So what do you think? Will you be a convert too? I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts!

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Gemma B(non-registered)
Converted!!!!!! If we can help cut down on plastic and clean paws easier then I am in!!!!
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