Whippet Snippets | Whippets are Best in Show - 9 Weird & Wonderful Facts

Whippets are Best in Show - 9 Weird & Wonderful Facts

March 12, 2018  •  3 Comments

Whippets are Best in Show

Last night, Whippet owners around the world rejoiced when Tease the Whippet won Best in Show at Crufts. Whippets are often a misunderstood breed, so here are a few facts about wonderful Whippets which most owners will be nodding their heads to.

1.  Whippets are LAZY, like, super lazy. I still remember being told 'if you can't choose between a cat and a dog, get a whippet'. Most people on the street think that they need a lot of exercise, mine will happily sleep the entire day whether they have had 30 minutes or 3 hours walking.

2. They love zoomies - they can go from a slow trot 30mph whirlwind in a fraction of a second. This can be terrifying when you have a whippet hurtling towards you; generally though, they have the ability to swerve at the very last minute leaving you thankful for that you still have the use of your kneecaps!

3. They are opportunistic thieves. There has been many an owner who has turned their back for .0001 of a second only to find the sandwich/biscuit/steak has disappeared leaving an innocent looking hound with remnants hanging from their whiskers.

4. They are fair weather hounds. They will be appalled if you take them outside in the rain and would be calling the RSPCA if they could use the phone.

5. The rules 'no dogs on the furniture' doesn't last very long in a whippet household. They have no undercoat so they would be uncomfortable on hard floors; they adore anything soft. They use this to their advantage, owners will often be found on the floor rather than move the comfortable hound. Whippets also have an uncanny ability to know how to burrow under the duvet.

6. Because of their shape, whippets usually need breed specific coats, jumpers and collars. Be prepared to spend a small fortune and for your hound to be better dressed than you. (We love Redhound for Dogs for attire and for collars check out Dogs & Horses or Brindle & Whyte)

7. Whippet owners can never seem to stop at just one whippet.
8. Whippets can have an irregular heartbeat at rest, it becomes 'normal' when running.
9. They are super affectionate with their humans and make great family pets but they can be quite aloof with people they don't know.


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I think whippets are lovely dogs very placid ,not good with cats tho.,I've got 11 cats an a dog she's mixed breed ,the cats adore her xx
This made me laugh, it's spot on :D The worst time mine stole food was when I was feeding a newborn baby (so both hands were full which I'm convinced he knew), having foolishly left my sandwich right next to me on the sofa. He kept eye contact the whole time he took it. It's a good job he's so pretty...
Hannah Clark(non-registered)
This has Whippets down to a T! They are just the best. In my opinion they are the most fun loving, affectionate dogs.

Our Dottie at 6 months old ticks all the above boxes... the only thing we’re missing is the next Whippet. Uh oh!
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