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The holistic benefits of dogs wearing red

February 01, 2018  •  1 Comment

National Wear Red Day

Today (2nd February) is National Wear Red Day, created to raise awareness of congenital heart disease. I couldn't think of a better person to talk about the benefits of wearing red, than Sam, from Hoof to Tail Healing.

I've been following Sam on instagram for a while and her knowledge of holistic treatments for dogs and horses is immense, informative and bloody interesting. Because of her, I now have a whole range of essential oils which I use for both myself and the hounds. She is owned by the sweetest little Staffie girl called Beth who helps her take the post to the postbox.

I asked Sam to put together some information on how the colour can help both you and your hounds, it's
how colours can effect us. Thanks Sam!

Benefits of wearing red

In reiki, the colour red relates to the root chakra, which is at the base of the spine so can be used to balance this chakra so the body can heal itself.

Red is a great energising colour, increasing circulation, and on an emotional level, increasing confidence.

Areas of the body associated with the root chakra - spine, feet, bones, circulation, teeth, large intestine, bladder, legs.

Emotions associated with the root chakra - security, courage, stability

Common ailments related to the root chakra- fatigue, obesity, colds, bladder infections, sciatica.

This is another great chakra for rescue dogs, as it can help them to feel secure in their new home. It also calms anxious dogs, being grounding the energy is brought away from the brain.

How can wearing red help your dog?

Dogs can't see all colours, but each colour gives off a vibration which the dog can respond to on an energetic level, balancing the chakras and clearing blockages in the energy flow.

  1. Your dog can wear red as well as you! A red collar, bandana, jumper, coat... the choice is yours. This is my favourite way to use colour with Beth. She has a large collection of bandanas, and often I will lay them out for her to choose one! As a typical bouncy over excitable staffy, I tend to buy blue a lot more for leads and harnesses, as this is a calming colour! But she also really suits red.
  2. I have a free app called Colour Light Touch. It changes the whole of your phone or tablet screen to which ever colour you like, you just moves your finger around the touch screen until it changes to the colour you want.
  3. Water bowls. Yes, one of my more “out there” ideas. Having different colour water bowls allow the water to take on the vibrational energy of the colour of the bowl. They also allow for self selection. I have three, yes three! water bowls for Beth. Energetic red and calming blue are colours with the biggest response, so I picked these. Beth also tends to hold any stress in her stomach, and sometimes picks up food on walks that doesn't agree with her. So the third bowl is yellow to balance the solar plexus chakra (stomach). Her favourites are blue and yellow. But I often find in summer when she is really warm, and lacking in energy on a very hot day, she picks red.

I hope this inspires you to use colour with your dog, and help when choosing the right colour collar or jumper. I'd love to hear how you get on.

If you have any questions on how colour can help your dog, contact me for a chat.


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