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How to choose a dog photographer

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How to Choose Your Perfect Dog Photographer

I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to choose the right person to photograph your dog. Once you have made the decision to go ahead with a professional shoot, you then have to decide studio or outdoors?  

Then there’s finding the perfect one, it’s overwhelming and a little intimidating! Do you get a recommendation? Do you do a google search? And even then, there are SO many photographers out there, some with the most fanciest of websites, but that doesn’t mean much nowadays. 

Dog-photographer-surrey-outdoorProfessional outdoor dog photographer. Italian greyhound portrait.

Here's a few little tips to help you decide:

  1. I think this is the most important: fall in love with the photographers work. Look at their portfolio, if it gives you joy and evokes emotion they should be on your shortlist.
  2. Try not to base your decision on price alone. I have wanted and fallen in love with artists work and knew I had to have something commissioned, so I saved and waited, knowing that I would enjoy it forever.
  3. Do they have any reviews? Either on Facebook or a designated review site? This will give you an idea of not only the photographers work ethics, but the kind of person who books them, if their previous clients seem to strike a cord with you, then you know you are on to a winner. 
  4. Do they specialise in dog photography, or do they also do everything under the sun - weddings, landscapes, corporate, food etc etc? Every different genre of photography requires a very specific skill set, and rather than look at a jack of all trades, look for someone who has invested time, effort and education into their particular craft.
  5. Do they offer a good selection of quality products? If you are investing time, effort and cost to get professional images of your hound, why wouldn't you want to display them in them in the best possible way?

Dog-action-shot-water-sighthoundProfessional outdoor dog photographer. Dog in action over puddle. Now, why should you choose me? 

Well if you have got this far, I’d like to think that you have number 1 covered! 

I have spent the last four years learning how to get the most out of dogs in the great outdoors, I know how to manage with shy/energetic/nervous dogs, ones who can’t be off lead or who can’t sit for more than a fraction of a second & have even worked with multiple at the same time. 

It goes without saying that I have an absolute obsession for dogs and all things dog related, I love looking at new products, hearing new developments in positive training (Victoria Stilwell is amazing), but I’m sure every other dog photographer is the same (or at least I hope so). 

So here’s what I think sets me aside from the rest: when you look at my website, read my blog or visit my Facebook or Instagram pages, I hope you see this is so much more than just a business to me. Of course I need to make a living, however it’s important to me that you have the best possible experience, I want to find about out what’s right for you and your hound, the likes and dislikes.  I never use the same approach to shoots, each one is individual.

You may notice another thing, I treat my clients as friends, and that’s because that is what a lot of them have become. The lovely people who find me somehow seem to have the same ethos that I believe in; they value kindness and generosity, they love their dog like family because that’s exactly what they are and want to spend time with them (a lot of them seem to also love gin but don’t worry, that’s not a prerequisite). Just loving your dog is enough. 

Above all, I hope to give you and your hound the best possible end result; a fabulous memory, exceptional products and a warm fuzzy feeling.

(Oh, and by the way, I photograph all breeds, just don’t tell the Whippets). 

Behind-the-Scenes-Outdoor-dog-photographyBehind the scenes at of Whippet Snippets Dog Photography. Outdoor shoots in Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire.

Here's some of my 2017 clients, enjoy!

You can see find reviews on my Facebook page, Google and also Good Vet & Pet Guide


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