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What to do on holiday when you feed Raw

August 23, 2017  •  4 Comments

A dilema of feeding raw when you holiday with your dogs

A few months ago on the way to Dogfest, Husband and I were chatting about what the heck we were going to do about feeding the hounds while we were on holiday. We feed them complete Raw (Nutriment) and if we are staying in a hotel or B&B, we couldn’t exactly ask them to put a huge slot in the freezer aside for us.

Guru Dog Food to the Rescue!

Little did we know, our question would soon be answered. As we walked round, I spotted Guru Pet Food stand, if you have ever visited them, you know it’s difficult to miss! I follow these guys on Twitter & Instagram and they are honestly the coolest. I have never seen a pet food brand interact with their followers as much as they do. So over we trotted to say hello, and I was greeted with an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm which was delivered in a thick northern twang. Turns out they knew the Whippet Snippets Crew from social media (does that make us famous)?

I mentioned the food conversation to Lisa and she was super excited to tell me that a lot of her customers are Raw feeders….eh? Because Guru is cold pressed (check out their website link below for a very good description of what this is), it retains way more nutrients, and is much closer to a dogs natural diet than standard kibble. 

The thing that sold me though was when she showed me a water glass with Guru, and a water glass with kibble. The Guru food broke down completely, the kibble had expanded a huge amount and was still floating around, this is one of the things that always worried me about kibble. It's also grain free, you need waaay less than regular kibble. (This isn’t a kibble bashing blog, I firmly believe that if it’s high quality and your hound thrives on it, then who cares.)

As well as high grade meat, it’s got lots of great additions like green lipped muscle, which is super good for your hounds joints. 

raw-fed-dogs-test-guru-dog-food-alternative-to-rawGuru-dog-food-reviewWhippet Snippets are raw fed, we test Guru Dog food as an alternative for holidays

What will happen when the dogs are used to raw?

I was a little worried about how the hounds would react to being fed dried food, I needn’t have worried, when the Guru food arrived they tried to eat through the box! Even Boo, who is normally a little high and mighty had a go (see video below).

Our first test was a weekend away in the Cotswolds. On the first night, we made a bit of a mistake and fed it completely dry, I think the hounds thought we had given them a bowl of amazing treats as they inhaled them within seconds. We were a bit more intelligent on the second night; although Guru can be fed dry, we took the advice that we got from them on an alternative way and we added some hot water, because the food breaks down it starts to look more like porridge, that worked and it took a lot longer for the hounds to eat.


Um, do they, er, smell more?

Now for the bit that somehow dog owners seem to be able to talk about within seconds of meeting - the bottom burps. I was frankly amazed that there were no room clearing incidents during the weekend, in fact, I still am. They drank more water than usual, but thanks to the great information on the back of the packet, I knew to expect that. 

We are off to Dorset for a weekend soon, and I am so glad that we have a great alternative to Raw to feed the hounds. They approve which means so do I.

What happened when the Guru box arrived!

Guru-dog-food-arrivesWhippet Snippets crew try and open the guru box.

If you have any questions about our Guru experience, please don't hesitate to ask!

SaveGuru Dog Food | Website: www.gurupetfood.com/

Twitter | @GuruPetFood

Instagram | instagram.com/gurupetfood/


Molly fisher(non-registered)
Please adivse whippet has problems with conventional food gone off raw which suited him well am in a quandry.
Hannah Clark(non-registered)
Great blog. Thank you for opening my eyes dry Guru Pet Food, I'm a lot more informed now.
Guru Pet Food(non-registered)
Absolutely brilliant blog. So informative and the photos are just on another level...!
Thank you so much for giving us a try whilst away on your holibobs x
Come and visit us soon and we'll teach you some more of our Northern Lancashire Lingo... Haha
Lots of love and see y'all soon xox
Marianna Kunna(non-registered)
So glad you posted this! We are off to Northumberland for a week in September and have been wondering what to do about our three. This is great news!
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