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I Don't Think Dogs Are Family

May 31, 2017  •  3 Comments
I think generally, the one thread that runs through every single person, is that we all want to be loved.
That's the amazing thing about dogs, they ask for so little - yet with a smidge of kindness & maybe a tasty treat, they give us their whole being, unconditionally.
Some people say that their dogs are like family, I disagree; because to me I think they are more, my hounds are my lifelong companions. I work from home, so I see them more than my husband & spend more time with them than my closest human friends. We explore new places and go on holiday together, and even if I'm feeling in a really bad mood, they don't care, they love me anyway.
Until you have a dog, you wont understand this connection; I'm fairly sure I have a few non dog friends who roll their eyes when they ask us to dinner and we say we have to make sure we can get a dog sitter. But that's fine, maybe one day they will be lucky enough to understand.
It's so fantastic that the majority of my clients just get it, they know, they feel it too.  
Don't get me wrong, my hounds sometimes drive me nuts, but they also make me laugh so hard I cry. And wouldn't life be boring if everything was easy.
Do you agree?
Kerry x




Woof Woof Network(non-registered)
So true! My dogs sometimes drive me crazy but I love them dearly and yes they are my family. If friends don't get that then I feel sorry for them not ever having that connection with a dog.
Angela haines(non-registered)
So so so true!
Dawn Hart(non-registered)
My boy isn't just family he's my constant companion and my freedom, he keeps me safe, gives me independence and best of all he's my very best friend, without him I'd be stuck at home alone.
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