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Sausage Dog Day at the Dog House

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Daxie Day at The Dog House

You may have seen from my facebook live videos that recently I had a weekend in Bradford on Avon with Debbie at Redhound. If you saw them, you will also have seen me go from relaxed to ecstatic to downright gobsmacked during the course of the day. Despite having experience of how busy dog events can be, we still underestimate the extent that owners will go to for a day out with their hounds!

The-Dog-House-Bradford-on-AvonInterior of the Dog House Bradford on Avon set up for the Sausage Dog Day with Redhound for Dogs

The reason behind the visit was to launch Debbie's new Daschund coats at The Dog House, an incredible pet store / cafe / groomers. Debbie had mentioned it and I knew I had to go too, as you will see from the photo’s, this isn’t any normal pet store. Set in a beautiful archway that used to be part of a rubber factory, they stock quality but well priced toys, some which I haven’t seen before as well as a dizzying array of fabulous & natural dog treat (as you can imagine, I spent a small fortune).

Hand made dog treats!

Have you ever been to Bradford on Avon? I had no idea how gorgeous it is, steep winding streets that overlook the river and the surrounding countryside, oh how I wished I had my hounds there to do a shoot. We arrived on Saturday and popped in to see the very lovely Ruth, the owner of The Dog House, and sorted out our evening plans. Now, I don’t get out very much without the hounds, so I will blame that for the fact that Debbie and I were some of the last to leave Timbrells Yard restaurant after a fabulous meal, a couple of G&T’s and a few glasses of wine. 

The Times Home Front Cover by Whippet Snippets for The Lounging Hound

Sunday arrived with excitement, for more than one reason! We popped back to Timbrells for breakfast (it's dog friendly by the way) where I stalked the news stands for The Times Home section; if you heard a rupture in the space time continuum, it was probably me squealing when I saw my image on the front cover! 

So on to the Daxie Day, we weren’t sure how many people to expect, maybe 20 or so? Hmm...worked out a few more than that. Within minutes of opening we had a handful of five month old Sausage Dog puppies having an ecstatic time together, I really had to be careful where I put my feet. The rest is a bit of a blur, there literally wasn’t an ease up right up until after closing, when people were still pouring through the doors. 

We were also visited by a few pointy noses so I was very happy to get my sighthound fix. 

I spent most of my time on the floor taking photos and watching the Daschunds interact - they have a very sweet greeting - they will have a little nose sniff, almost like Eskimo kisses. My absolute favourite part of the day was watching the faces of hounds when a pot of sausage and mash descended and was placed in front of them, they could hardly believe their luck. 

To add to the amazing day, the super talented and very lovely Sally Muir was there doing a book signing, it’s a must for any dog lovers out there. I watched her, I kid you not, do potato prints of Daschunds and they were brilliant!

What an amazing time, what an amazing place, and what amazing people, a huge thank you to everyone who came and made it such a fun day.

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