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RuffWear Harnesses

October 01, 2017  •  6 Comments

Ruffwear Dog Harnesses 

I get asked quite a lot about these harnesses so I thought it may be useful for anyone who was thinking about one for their hounds.

RuffWear Dog Harness

Why I choose Ruffwear

There were two reasons we were looking at harnesses; one our old boy Jasper was quite sensitive around his head when he had his inner ear removed, we felt a harness would be much gentler for him, and then there was Shadow. 

When we first got Shadow, we realised that we would need a harness for some of our walks, basically wherever there was going to be any excitement, if he saw anything even remotely fun then he would leap four foot in the air and dance around like a maniac. Not great when the only thing he is tethered to is a collar round his neck.  

It’s notoriously difficult find harnesses for sighthounds, most fits seem to be too loose because of their deep but skinny chests. We were pleasantly surprised by the RuffWear front range harness, because of the amount of adjusting we could do at several points, it fitted perfectly. I also loved the fact that rather than being strips of thinner material like a lot of harnesses, this has wider, more padded sections and the front almost feels like a chest piece. 

The front range harnesses are great for general walking, however Shadow learned how to back out of it. So we checked out the six point webmaster - problem solved! Again this is super adjustable, it fits him really well and with the added benefit of the harness coming further towards where the waist tucks in, it’s Shadow proof. We went for the addition of the stomach protector as he had previously had trouble with an awful rash after going through long grass. Hey presto, we have the perfect harness!

We use the front range harnesses for all the other hounds with great success. We have the small size for all five hounds, that shows how adjustable they are as they are very different in height & weight! I can also pop them over our Redhound for Dogs fleeces.

When do I use them?

We use them quite a lot, like if we are going somewhere super busy like DogFest or when we are exploring the countryside. Anywhere there is too much going on for us to be trying to direct the hounds from collars, it’s not easy on their necks as they are constantly trying to hoover up dropped food or follow exciting smells. 

Is there a downside?

The only downside I personally have is storing them. When you have more than one, hanging them up is difficult (particularly the webmaster) so we may have to designate a draw for them somewhere. That’s a small price to pay for a perfect fit, hard wearing, long lasting harness. 

If you have any questions about my experience with these harnesses, please don't hesitate to ask, and I'd love to hear if you have them for your hounds too!

With thanks to additional models Buzz, Ozzy & Ollie who are also RuffWear wearers :)

Kerry x




I've used a Ruffwear Webmaster harness for about 6 years for my escape artist as she escaped from or broke other harnesses. It does the job, no more escapes
Karon Hackney-Bourne(non-registered)
Stumbled across this lovely article whilst researching harnesses for our whippet, the very handsome Stanley Bourne.
He's recently hurt his neck and what you said about a collar and lead being attached to the dogs neck, made total sense.
Had it not been for this, I'd have struggled to find a suitable harness, so thankyou and for the excellent shots of those beautiful whippets too :)
Karen Gallie(non-registered)
Thank you for such an informative article. I have been searching for ages for a suitable harness for my girls when travelling in the camper. Nothing is really suitable for whippets. I will certainly gave a look at their website.
K. Smith(non-registered)
I'm looking for a harness for my whippet and I'm really glad I found this brand (and it also feels much better to get this info from another whippet person). What are the names of the RuffWear ones you use for yours? Do the harnesses seem to lessen their pulling?

Thank you!
K. Smith
Su Mburu(non-registered)
Hi I have a Podenco terrier cross. Finding getting a harness that fits a nightmare. Any suggestions please.
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