Whippet Snippets | Are you thinking of buying a gift voucher?

Are you thinking of buying a gift voucher?

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Gift Vouchers for Dog Lovers

Are you are panicking a bit because tomorrow it's someone's Birthday/Christmas/*Insert special occasion here* and you still can't think of what to buy, or are you a great advanced planner who's purchasing for next month? Either way, you know the person you are buying for adores their dog(s).

Dog photography gift vouchersGift vouchers for people who love their dogs

A Whippet Snippets gift voucher is a great way for that special person to get beautiful portraits of their beloved hounds.

Of course you really want to make sure that the gift voucher is received with huge excitement, so here's a couple of things to think about:

  • Have they ever expressed an interest in getting their hound photographed?
  • Do you know if they have seen any of my work before? Maybe you could coo over a Whippet Snippets image and then show them to see their reaction?
  • Remember that they will be spending some of their own money on products (unless you purchase print credit too).
  • They adore their hound, but do they adore it enough to have a gorgeous print on their walls or on their desk?

Will they still love a voucher? If the answer is "Heck Yes!" then I have inserted a handy link here: Gift Vouchers - I'll see you on the other side ;)







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