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Haslemere Local Life: Pony Pals

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I had SO much fun meeting the Pony Pals team - I mean, what an amazing job to have looking after & training these gorgeous animals.

The Pony Pals are miniature therapy horses trained to bring a bright a ray of sunshine to nursing homes & children’s hospices.  I think I must have burst a few ear drums as gorgeous Twiggy did the main bit of modelling for me, the beautiful floral crown by local supplier Rosadior giving the shoot an almost ethereal look.  A few of the other residents (which include goats, sheep, a cat and a couple of spaniels) accompanied us with interest and had a turn in the limelight too. The team were very accommodating during the interview, here's there Q&A :)

Name, age & breed

Twiggy 1 yr old miniature mare

Mr Kipling 1 yr old Miniature Donkey

Mr Cheddar 3 yr old Miniature gelding

Super Noodles 11yr old miniature shetland.

Pony_Pals_Minature_Horse_ShootPony Pals minature PAT horses photoshoot in Haslemere

Any advice for any pets who want to become PAT?

Enjoy the cuddles, and kisses but don’t steal the residents food, even when they try to give it to you, mum still says no! 


What’s your favourite colour

Twiggy is our Princess of the team, and her favourite colours are Pink, Pink and more Pink, even better if you can add some sparkles!!

Who’s the diva of the team?

Twiggy is our diva, she loves for all of the attention to be on her! She is only 27 inches tall but she bosses everyone else around. Mr Kipling is totally the opposite and loves to fade into the background!

Favourite thing about your job?

Noodles’ favourite thing is to steal any biscuits that appear to be going spare!! Mr Kipling loves all of his special donkey duties like Palm Sunday and the Nativity Plays!

Funniest story from the your day job.

Our first ever therapy visit was nearly 6 years ago with Noodles. The visit was at a home that my mum was working at, the pony was meant to be outside, but it poured with rain. So we decided to bring him inside, he was a real hit with the residents and we took him round a few bedrooms, all was going well so we decided to pop him in the lift to head upstairs. Sadly this was a step too far and he was taken short…. in the lift! Who would have thought that the smell of  pony poop could linger for so long!

Who’s your idol?

I would like to think that the ponies look up to someone like Black Beauty, who shows wonderful loyalty and good manners and is also very handsome. However, I think they would probably say the donkey from Shrek!!

Favourite TV program?

The best TV show that Cheddar has seen, was the Olympic show jumping! The tv was bigger than he was at the time and he was fascinated by the horses on the telly!

Pony Pals Facebook

Pony Pals Website: http://www.ponypals.co.uk/

Beautiful floral crown by local supplier Rosadior - http://www.rosadior.co.uk


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