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Snippet Walks: Blackdown, Haslemere

January 14, 2015  •  3 Comments

Blackdown is one of my favourite dogs walks mainly beause of the incredible views. The highest point in the South Downs National Park, if you get the right day, the scenery is nothing short of spectacular.

I find it easier to go to the second car park, which is immediately after the one on the main road. There is a great circular route that you can take by heading off to the left, going through the towering, majestic woods. Following this main route will eventually bring you to the Temple of the Winds viewpoint. Be prepared for your breath to be taken away (if it's a nice day of course!).

The below map is an easy circular route taking in Temple of the Winds. Distance is about 2.5 miles and took me 50 minutes.

Google Maps Location: Click Here

Things to know:

  • You have the best of both worlds on this walk - you start off in wooded area, but then it gradually opens up to heath and gorse. The terrain is fairly flat, with some gentle slopes. Ground is compacted sand/rock so a little uneven.
  • The main entrances and wooded areas can get very muddy if it's been raining - take your wellies!
  • Poop bins at the main entraces only.
  • There are quite a few bodies of water dotted around, great for cooling your hounds down in summer. Most of them aren't free-flowing though so just be aware that they can become stagnant if it hasn't been raining.
  • Temple of the Winds viewpoint is just spectacular. If you have time, it's worth maybe bringing a bite to eat so that you can chill out and soak in nature.
  • You will probably bump into one of the herds of National Trust cows - they are pretty used to dogs and don't seem worried by them.
  • I have walked here a lot, and so far haven't actually seen any deer, even at dusk and dawn, although they can very be occassionally heard. 
  • Weekends can get busy so if you fancy a more solitary walk, hit the walk a little earlier or later in the day. Even better if you are able to get there mid-week.
  • Apart from the entrance gates, I have not yet encountered any fences/styles apart from at the very edges of the borders - other than that, the walk is completely open ground.
  • Free parking.

Take a peek at the kind of views to expect.


I can confirm it really is as stunning as Kerry describes it, no matter what season. We live only down the road so I walk my mutts there most evenings in total solitude although with the days now getting longer, it definitely becomes busier. PS And yes, at dusk you get to see deer, rabbits and the odd fox :)
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Ahh Mike, I am very glad to hear that!! Hopefully we will meet Aluna up there one day :D
Mike Graham(non-registered)
Thanks for letting us know about this amazing walk Aluna (my whippy) and I had an amazing walkies there today and was so stunned by the most beautiful views overlooking the rolling hills. The temple of the winds is so my new favourite place standing there with my lil dude I just felt like I was standing on top of the world . Will definitely be going back , definitely a walk I'll remember for a while :)
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