Whippet Snippets | About

Hi there! Thanks for visiting. I'm Kerry and I own four Whippets and a Whippet cross (or they own me, depending on which side you ask). I also own Boo Face where I photograph non-furry beings.

People who know me probably think Whippet Snippets is well overdue - it was only going to be a matter of time before I got round to combining photography, being out in nature and dogs (friends have lost me on countless occasions because I have spotted a dog across a crowded pub/park/street and 'had' to say hello).

Whippet Snippets was born in September 2013,
but the journey to get here went a long way back. At school I loved art and my final GCSE project was based around nature. When I 'grew up' I wanted to be a vet, an RSPCA officer, an author or a fashion designer.  I now have a job where I am outdoors with dogs and am creating portraits of them in our beautiful, majestic, countryside; a visual storytelling so to speak. (I also wanted to be an air traffic controller but that doesn't fit into the story quite so well!)

  • I'm a self taught photographer, and I hope I will always be learning something new about it.
  • My family consists of my husband and my four dogs, and despite all of them driving me crazy constantly, they are my life.
  • I don't like bananas (the smell, the texture, everything), coriander (overpowers everything), sprouts (doesn't need an explanation). Food loves: everything else.
  • One of my mugs says 'Coffee makes my life more beautiful' and I fully agree with it. The other one says 'Goddess' and I agree with that too.
  • I am so competitive that I now refuse to play board games/computer games and some card games in fear of losing friends. Friends think this is hysterical.
  • I sometimes need 'cave' time.
  •  Past obsessions have included; ancient Egypt, running, twitter, Robert Downey Jr., Red Hot Chili Peppers, Audrey Hepburn, Pulp Fiction. Current it's anything to do with how the brain works and Facebook. Photography and coffee are the only two that have stuck!
  • I have eclectic tastes. I read everything from John Steinbeck to Stephen King and listen to Dr Hook, The Carpenters, Linkin Park, Walk off the Earth - I seriously think music can effect your mood.
  • I walked down the isle to the begining bars of 'Under the Bridge' by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • I'm originally from Manchester, home of the best chip baps and chips & gravy in the world.
  • Kids and dogs seem to like me. A fellow photographer said he thinks it's because I have such big eyes. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I'm based in Haslemere but don't mind doing a little travel around Surrey & West Sussex.

Looking forward to hearing from you.