What to expect from your photoshoot

It will be tailored & personalised to you and your hound

You may get a little muddy

You may have a little fun

Your hound will be adored

A relaxed walk, no stress

A few Q&A's

Q: Why do I need a pre shoot consultation call?

A: On our call we will chat about your hound, it's personality, likes & dislikes and what you would like to achieve from the shoot. We can then discuss what location will be best for your hound.

Q: What's a personalised slideshow gallery?

A: Before our post shoot call, I'll send you something like the below slideshow! I take the time out to choose the right format to compliment your images & you receive a link that you can share till your hearts content.

Q: Why do I need a post shoot consultation call?

A: I'm here to make your experience as easy as possible. I'll direct you to your gallery, talk you through how to use it and what the purchase options are. I can advise you on what products may be best for you as well as the types of frames or products that may be best for your home.

Q: What does 'Professionally edited' mean?

A: I want your images to shine. I want you to look at them and think "Wow". Camera's are amazing at capturing the scene in front of them, what they don't have is a creative vision, that's where editing comes in. I hand edit each image, no filters, as each shoot is unique.

Q: What's a design service?

A: Sometimes, for larger works of art, it's difficult to envision how it will look on your walls. If you can send me a snapshot of your wall, I can send it back to you with different sizes of products, different frames and mounts so you have a clearer idea of how the finished product will look.


Q: My dog needs to be kept on lead, will that be an issue?

A: Absolutely not. As long as we can position the lead in a certain way, I am able to take it out in post production. We can also use a long line to get action shots, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve.

Q: Do you only photograph Whippets?

A: Oh no, I love photographing all hounds (just don't tell the whippets)! Here's a selection of last years clients.

Dog photography clients


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