Why should you hire a professional dog photographer

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Why should you hire a professional dog photographer?

I recently came across this hilarious little cartoon from the very talented Red & Howling that I think a lot of people can relate to. (You HAVE to check out her Facebook page, you will be nodding and laughing constantly!)

SaveWe love taking photographs of dogs on our phone don't we? It's great for sharing on social media and there are so many brilliant Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to dogs by their adoring owners, some of them have thousands of followers! And we love looking at pictures of dogs too, I'm sure it releases a feel good hormone, otherwise we wouldn't do it as much as we do.

So why bother hiring a professional dog photographer when you have hundreds of images of your dog on your phone?

Well here's one reason: I often get asked so 'how did you get that shot' or 'how did you get the dog to do that' or 'how can you get them to sit still' - Maybe people are asking these questions because the results they get are similar to that of the cartoon above. The answer is; experience & patience. Yes, I have a half decent camera but it's by no means top of the range. Dogs will always throw me a curve ball (excuse the pun) on a shoot, but I have photographed enough dogs now to know how to respond (well, most of the time).

If you need a second reason; answer the following question honestly: How many of your phone pictures have you printed and put up on your walls? I'd like to think when you hire a professional, the images aren't just snapshots but something that makes you really feel something, that makes you gasp or smile or laugh. It's not just an image, it's an emotion.

I feel like I can be quite honest with a lot of my clients because they understand my crazy dog lady tendencies. I have more photographs and artworks of my hounds on the walls than is probably necessary and do you know what, I don't care. I want beautiful images of my hounds up on the walls because they are my family. And when you hire a professional, the images look pretty good on your phone too ;)

Just one of my clients from image, to wall.

Professional-dog-photographer-blogFrom image to print to wall. Services of a professional dog photographer Professional-dog-photographer-blogFrom image to print to wall. Services of a professional dog photographer

Feel free to email me at Hello@whippetsnippets.co.uk if you would like to book a session, or even if you just want to chat about dogs! I always have time for that ;)



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