I'm not good at being a professional

June 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I'm a bit of a goof.

When it comes to dogs, I am far from professional, that's probably why dogs get on with me so well. I'm in a happy place getting down to a dogs level and having a chat with them, usually getting muddy while I'm at it.

This was never more evident when I was shooting the front cover for Life in Farnham magazine last week. The theme was 'The Great Outdoors'; we had a beautiful model, glorious weather, everything was fab. Well, apart from the fact that I'd have a dog on every front cover if it was up to me, especially as I feel being outdoors with a hound by your side is my idea of the perfect day.

Luckily, the editor Kat felt the same so we accosted a couple of gorgeous dogs and their accommodating owners and got a 'The' shot. When Kat spotted a whippet however, that was it, I left a trail of dust in my wake - dreams of a whippet on the front cover running through my head (I told you, I'm a complete unprofessional). We got a lovely couple of shots of not one, but two gorgeous whippets; they didn't make the front cover but they certainly made my day.


life-in-farnham-front-cover-shoot-whippet-dog-frenshamWhippet front cover modelling shootWhippet in the woods. Great Outdoors front cover shoot for Life in Farnham. life-in-farnham-front-cover-model-shoot-whippet-dogs-great-outdoorsLife-in-Farnham-dog-whippet-front-coverLife in Farnham front cover shoot near Frensham. Whippet and dogs in the great outdoors.



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