Elegant Miranda the Galgo & Goofy Lucky the Lurcher

January 20, 2017 - This shoot was a gift from grown up kids to their Mum, they were super excited as they knew she loved photography & love...
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Cheeky Chappies Buzz & Ozzy Whippets

January 02, 2017 - This shoot, for me, was a bittersweet. I photographed one of these hounds, gorgeous Buzz, when he was a puppy and was so...
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You are crazy about your dog and want beautiful portraits for your home, I'm a professional photographer who is also known as crazy dog lady. It's a match made in heaven! Think your dog won’t perform for the camera? Won’t sit still, not great off lead, too excitable? I work on a dog by dog basis, we have a chat to figure out how to get the best from your furry friend.

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