Boo's Big London Adventure : Dog Photographer of the Year

February 12, 2015  •  3 Comments

Yesterday was an incredibly exciting time for Whippet Snippets Pet Portraits. Last year I entered Dog Photographer of the Year - it was the first time I had entered and it was a near impossible decision as to which images to choose as you are only able to enter one per category. I have to admit, I sat down with a glass of wine or two and just chose the ones I loved.

I pretty much forgot about it after that, I hadn't even told my husband I had entered! With the pure volume of images submitted I didn't expect very much, but then the call came through to say that my image of Boo had been placed 3rd in the Dogs at Play category. There was lots of squealing and dancing, my poor hounds looked on with bemusement.

One of the events attached to prize winning images was a VIP pre-opening of the Kennel Club gallery. Of course it was only fair that Boo came with me to celebrate.

She was an absolute superstar on the train journey into London, we put her super snuggly Charley Chau fleece down for her and she promptly fell asleep.

Award winning pet photographer Whippet Snippets Dog Photographer of the Year adventureDog Photographer of the Year AwardsDog Photographer of the Year Award 2015 Whippets Journey into London

As we walked across Jubilee Bridge, Boo became very interested in a homeless chap who was sat eating a ham bone. He didn't speak very much English but I can't even describe the feeling of awe when he beckoned over Boo to say hello and then handed over his lunch. How amazing that someone who seems to have so little, gives away his food? I walked away close to tears, isn't it incredible how dogs can unite people?

We walked through St James' Park & Green Park rather than get the tube to meet a friend for a spot of lunch. It took us slightly longer than usual due to the number of those pesky squirrels which Boo was desperate to chase.

At a lovely little pub, Boo enjoyed lots of people cooing over her. We met a chap who was chatting about his Greyhound who mentioned that his sister had Whippets. He was looking forward to going to a beach walk that weekend.....the West Wittering Whippet Walk! Turns out his sister is the lovely Zoe from Dinky Donkey Delights in Arundel who regularly frequents our walks! Talk about random meeting.

Award winning pet photographer Whippet Snippets Dog Photographer of the Year adventure

We then popped up the road to the Kennel Club HQ - I hadn't realised quite how proper it was going to be! There were quite a few of the winners and celebratory fizz and snacks and of course the beautiful images adorning the walls.  Boo was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing, especially as she didn't have her brothers to back her up, so she settled down in a corner and watched the proceedings from her quiet spot.

Award winning pet photographer Whippet Snippets Dog Photographer of the Year adventureDog_Photographer_of_the_YearArriving at the photographer of the year gallery pre opening at Kennel Club HQ All the people at the HQ were wonderful! Boo was treated to yet more attention, and I was actually on the other side of the camera for a change for the press images.

Whippet posing in front of third place image for dog photographer of the year 2015Posing in front of award winning image at Dog Photographer of the Year gallery opening held at the Kennel Club London We said hello to some of the dogs from the other winning images, but I was VERY excited to meet a Silken Windhound in the flesh, they are very rare in the UK (I think her very nice slave said 64), and oh my word, she was just stunning - you can see her just at the edge here.

Group shot at kennel club for dog photographer of the year 2015

We then took a walk back through the beautiful London parks, where Boo was yet again frustrated by those squirrels taunting her. We stopped at Waterloo for a quick glass of fizz while Boo had some lovely sausages and ate the rest of the meat from her gifted bone.

We weren't there for long, but baby Boo couldn't keep her eyes open bless her. She fell asleep on the pub bench and then on the train she settled down on my lap for the journey home and slept the entire way.

And there is the fabulous adventure of Boo's solo trip to London.

Each one of my hounds has changed my life in some way, some big, some small, always for the better. They are my heart.

Dog Photographer of the Year adventure



Corinne Harris(non-registered)
I am a liker on your FB page so will have to sort out some dates etc., for later in the year. They are all rescues - 6 whippets, 2 lurchers and 3 greyhounds :)
Whippet Snippets
Oh my gosh Corinne, that would be amazing!!
Corinne Harris(non-registered)
Extremely well done! I think you might have to photograph my 11 sighthounds at some point!
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