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I first met Ernie when I wandered into Sparks General Yard Stores in the beautiful village of Arundel. If you get the chance I would highly recommend a visit; seriously gorgeous homeware & gifts with a lovely cafe/bar on the very top level overlooking the Arundel rooftops. Oh, and it's SUPER dog friendly - we encountered Ernie casually making his way down the stairs from the cafe to the bottom floor and I knew he would be a big personality and perfect for an interview. So I'll now hand over to Ernie:

Name, age & breed

Ernest Montgommery Pickleston The 3rd – AKA Ernie, The Bubs, The Badness, Ernie Bernie Bubsala (that last one is pretty embarrassing but they insist on using it)

Age 7 (it’s my birthday this week!!! WAHOO bring on the hot chicks in a limo and a night at the casino!!)

Wire Haired Fox Terrier (extremely handsome one at that!)

What’s your favourite colour?

Chocolate brown, I am always trying to transform myself into a chocolate Labrador (as that is what my best buddy Campbell is) I try various types of mud but my humans don’t seem so keen on this look and keep throwing me in the sodding bath. Why will no one listen, white just isn’t my colour?!

Who’s your idol?

Otto the skateboarding bulldog, how cool is that dude? I like watching the video on my mums phone. I bet I could do it, I just need to find a skateboard!

Favourite TV program?

I like tense thriller type things as my mum give me extra squeezy cuddles and has to hide behind me. I’m a real man of course and am not afraid (unless there is balloons, clowns, thunder, fireworks or extra-large dogs on the TV!)

From Jayne Shawcross: Oh Ernest, you're so handsome do you have any advice to stop a naughty whippet rolling in fox poo? X

Jayne, I don’t know what on earth is going on with you humans. When will you all start to understand the true luxury of a some properly stinky fox poo? Even just the thought of it is getting me excited! You can’t beat the sweet aroma of a fresh poo or the exquisiteness of a good vintage poo. Get with the program peeps and roll in some too, I’m telling you, you will never look back!

From Penel Malby : Hi Ernie (can I call you Ernie?), who would be your ideal date for a stroll in the woods?

I am still waiting to meet my true love. I have tried online dating sites but there are some really high maintenance bitches on there. I like going for a walk with my dad, talking about current affairs, the problems in the middle east, the price of butchers tripe and letting off some gas. I think if I were to bring a lady along too we would have to curb our bad language and hold in the gas resulting in a far less satisfying jaunt.

From Ray Cimino: How do you resist sampling all the yummy food products that your Dad's shop sells?

Well…let me tell you Ray it’s a hard job someone’s got to do it! The humans say I’m not allowed anything but these other humans that they refer to as ‘customers’ come in and I give them this look that has taken me years to properly perfect. It says ‘I’m cute, a little sad, very hungry and this is extra fur not fat so come on, hand over the last bit of your cake/bacon/sausage/burger/cup of tea’ if that doesn’t work I go for the full ‘ I haven’t been fed for weeks, feed me now!’ and if all else fails I just raid the bins! You don’t get this handsome living entirely off dog food alone.

From Helen Lewis: Bella would like to know - do you get to taste test the cakes? How many beds do have round the shop? And do get to meet lots of interesting people?!

Bella, that’s a cute name….we should meet! I am an expert cake tester, in fact an expert at tasting most things given half a chance. I don’t like to take things straight away, you need to maintain eye contact with the food donor just in case they give you more or try to move away from you. If you keep your eyes on them they feel too guilty to leave you or stop talking to you. I prefer to join ‘customers’ at the table but I’m not allowed to do that in the restaurant (but I do sometimes manage it in the garden if invited!). I consider myself to be quite the dinner guest, full of bon viveur! I love meeting all the people who come to Sparks Yard to come and see me. I like to sit on their laps and generally spread the love. When I join guests for lunch I get to hear all the gossip but I never tell anyone what I have heard!

I only have one actual bed at work, it is in the office and it is very cosy although I did eat a bit of it one day so it’s not very presentable as it had to be fixed with duck tape. It’s nice though and slightly smelly. There’s even room for a friend if you fancy popping over?!

From Amy Firth : Dear Ernest: as the boss of The Loft, what's the secret to keeping your humans in line?

Amy this the eternal question of dogs. They are quite well behaved but they are very hard to train. I keep on telling them that a particular seat on the sofa is mine but they will not have it. My mum always sits in it and then I have to sit on top of her just to make my point. I even try letting off some particularly bad love puffs but still she will not move and just pushes me off! On the whole they are nice to live with even the small ones. The newest one (Honey 13 months) is my favourite, she lets me lick her whole face, drops loads of food, shares biscuits with me and paddles in my water bowl, she is an absolute nutter like me! She loves me so much that ‘Ernie’ was her first word! At work everyone loves me, apparently I am a complete waste of time though!

From Paola Marra : Why aren't you a Whippet?

I love the majestic form of a whippet as much as the next hound, but for me if I couldn’t be a wire haired fox terrier I would be a chocolate Labrador and then I would be the same as my best mate. But in all honesty I am very comfortable in own skin, especially when it is brown with mud and smelling of fox poo!

Thanks so much for your time Ernie! See you soon x

Ernie very kindly modelled a Redhound For Dogs bowtie during the photoshoot.

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