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A tail of two halves: Part Two

I looked forward to the Q&A with the distinguished James from the Haslemere Pet Company. I have to say though, it's a bit disconcerting to try conduct an interview when the interviewee spends most of his time with his paws in the air, requesting belly rubs. But here it goes!

Hi Auntie Kerry!  May I say, you are looking rather lovely today.  Mind if I roll over onto my back so you can rub my belly while I answer your questions?  Helps me think......

Ahhh...that’s better ......

Name, age & breed

My name is James, and I'm very pleased to be doing this interview with you Auntie Kerry.  I'm 12 years young and have spent nearly 8 of those years in my shop on the Haslemere High Street. 

As for my breed, officially I’m a staffie lurcher cross. 

What’s your most prized possession

My Food bin.  I keep a close eye on that one as Twig is forever trying to open it.  Mind you, if he spent more time with puzzle toys instead of that annoying squeaky bread loaf thing then he might actually crack it! 

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened in the shop? 

My old friend Patch (who passed away a few years ago) had a thing for taking bits out of customers'  shopping bags.  One day he helped himself to a ham sandwich and we were all mortified, but the funny thing was he actually spat it out as the sandwich had gone bad! No doubt he saved that lady countless trips to the potty. 

Who let the dogs out

Probably Dad. 

Postman: Love or hate

If he rubs my belly, then love.  

Who’s your idol

Oh dear, so many people to chose from.  But I admire anyone who has made a real difference to dogs by educating humans cause you guys have some pretty wack ideas about us! 

I love Ian Dunbar, Kelly Gorman Dunbar, Stanley Coren, and John Bradshaw to name a few.  Jean Donaldson’s book stopped Mom treating me like a wolf, so huge big ups to her. Oh and Debbie Connolly and Grisha Stewart because they are both super famous busy dog training ladies but took the time to rub my belly so are mega awesome. 

And the guy from Man vs Food.  I want his job for a day. 

What’s the funniest thing your human does

Dad seriously needs to sort out his issues with gravity.  That and electronics.  This one time he was changing a lightbulb and not only did the bulb explode right in his hand, but he fell off the ladder too.  Priceless. 

But between you and me, whenever the ladder comes out now, I go in the opposite direction........

You have a wide range of dog colognes in your shop, what's your favorite fragrance?


Actually Auntie Kerry, I’m not much into these new fragrances that all the designer dogs are wearing. I mean each dog to their own, but give me a splash of Old Spike any day. 


Carol Boyle Asks: 

What are the disadvantages of living in a Pet Shop? (From Carol Boyle)


Hello Carol. Um, having to share my treats.  Oh and watching people leave with food that could be going in my bowl. Those things really suck. 

Helen Lewis asks the following three questions:


Do you clean up the biccy’s that fall out of the bags?


Nope, never, not me, it was Twig, honest. 

Well ok, maybe just a few crumbs.......


What is your favorite part of the job? 


Belly Rubs from the ladies!  I have my very own Harem, and as soon as I see a member it’s down on the floor for some tummy lurve.  Some men are ok too, but I prefer a ladies touch.  In fact, my Mom actually PAYS a lady to come and rub my belly.  How’s that for a job perk? (Mom Note: He means his Massage Therapist who visits because he has a bad back, but he tries to wiggle around so that she ends up rubbing his belly by default!)


Oh and what training they do to get so good at there job? 


I’ve had all the basics, but I’m also really good at standing still so Mom uses me as a model for harnesses and such like. Plus I can go to sleep on command so I  ‘try on’ all dog beds so customers can judge if their dog will fit in them.  


Do your humans ever test the shop dog treats? (From Jane Morris)

No way!  Not MY treats. All lies. They would never do such a thing to me. 

I would like to know if they get to road test all the toys and treats and do they have the final decision as to what is good enough to sell in the shop? (From Poppy Whippet)


Well, I live by the basic principle of eat first, ask questions later so I'm not a very good judge of treats but puzzle toys do have to go through me first. I’m like a safe cracker - nothing gets past me! I’m famous in the dog trade world for my ability to solve hard puzzles so I often get some as presents to road test.  If I like them, and it takes me longer than 10 mins to solve them then they get stocked.  It’s great fun, and it saves my old brain from turning into Chappie!


Thank you James! I can see there is a queue forming for the much in demand belly rubs so I'll be off.


You can follow the antics of both Twig & James over on the Haslemere Pet Company's facebook page: Haslemere Pet  Company


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