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A tail of two parts.

Whippet Snippets interviewed Twig & James in the pet store they help run, and also in the beautiful field where they help their Mum and other dogs with Behavioural Adjustment Training (BAT).  While we were in the field, I soon found out that Twig is very partial to a bit of poo rolling. I think it was to make sure that his striking markings stand out more! Regardless, I made sure I wasn't down wind while the interview was taking place.  Here's Twig's Q&A.

Name, age & breed

Hi my name is Twig, pleased to meet you!  I used to be called Twilight after some vampire movie you humans all seem to love, but Twig sounds LOADS better and to be honest, who wants to be named after blood suckers? 

Anyway, I’m about two years old and I’m not any breed in particular. Mom thinks I may have Lurcher and German Shepherd in me, but really I’m just Twig. 

What’s your most prized possession

That’s easy - my Bread Loaf squeak toy which we call ‘loaf’. I love it, and can often be found napping in my window basket (my second favorite possession) with it tucked under my chin.

Funniest story from the shop floor

Probably all the times I’ve helped myself to ‘loafs’ on sale.  I must have taken them all off the hanger at some point and then did zoomies around the shop with them.  Running around with stolen toys in your mouth is great fun.  You should try it. In other shops of course...

Who let the dogs out


Your turn!!! 

Postman: Love or hate

Mom says hate is a very strong word and I shouldn’t use it.  She also says if you can’t say something nice you shouldn’t bark at all..........

Who’s your idol

SPANKY SPANGLER!!!!  I LOVE him.  He’s amazing! Look him up on Ogle (think he means Google). He throws himself off buildings and drives into stacks of buses in a car with SPANKY painted down the side.  I watch his show with my Dad every Saturday night after we get back from the pub and I really want to be him when I grow up.  But my car would have TWIG written down the side with, like, flames and stuff. 

Do you use any beauty products

Well Kerry,  you know I do like looking hot for the bitches, so I usually have a ‘Swan Barn’ Spa Treatment once a day in the summer.  This involves a roll in the warm, sometimes fragrant, mud of Swan Barn Farm to be followed by a rinse and blow dry when I get home.  In the winter, the mud just isn’t the same, so I try and make the most of it while I can. 

(If you look closely, Twig has some lovely additional poop markings on the right of his face).

What’s the funniest thing your human does

I’m not allowed to laugh at my humans. Mom says it’s not polite. But between you and me, Dad has fallen into spa mud a few times trying trying to end my session.  That’s pretty funny. 

You have a wide range of dog colognes in your shop, what's your favorite fragrance?


Like I said, I do try and take care of my appearance, but sometimes even I need a little help, especially when I overdo it on the “natural’ side of things.  At the moment, I’m quite partial to a bit of “Dirty Beastie” as it has a very manly ring to it...don’t you think? 


What are the disadvantages of living in a Pet Shop? (From Carol Boyle)


 Hi Carol! Ummmmm let’s see.....NONE!!  Well, I have to share my treat pot with visiting dogs and that kinda blows, but all in all I’d say it’s heaven :-) 

Helen Lewis asks the following three questions: 


Do you clean up the biccy’s that fall out of the bags? 


Hi Helen! 

Hell ya!  We even get to lick the biscuit crumbs out of the empty bulk boxes.  Like I say, heaven.


What is your favorite part of the job? 


Seeing all my two and four legged friends and sharing some love! 


What do you get paid in? 


Cuddles mostly.  But Gravy Bones are a bonus. 


Oh and what training they do to get so good at there job? 


Training? What training?  Ain’t no one training me.  In fact, *I’ve* trained Mom to make this groovy box go ‘Click” so I can get stuff. It’s pretty awesome.

Do your humans ever test the shop dog treats? (From Jane Morris)

I think I’ve seen Mom snack on a mixer biscuit or two.......

I would like to know if they get to road test all the toys and treats and do they have the final decision as to what is good enough to sell in the shop? (From Poppy Whippet)


Hi Poppy Whippet!  Because I’m always watching my figure (a moment on the lips and all that) I tend to be very fussy with treats, so Dad always gets me to try any new ones he is thinking of adding.  I mean, if I think it’s worth the calories then they have got to be good.  As for toys, I love them all so I’m probably not a very good judge.  Oh and I HATE puzzle toys. They mess with your brain man.....

Thank you Twig! I'll leave you to get back to your poop rolling / window sitting day.

You can follow the antics of both Twig & James over on the Haslemere Pet Company's facebook page: Haslemere Pet Company


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