Dog Blog: Life on the Fashion Shop Floor

July 09, 2014  •  2 Comments

A Dog with Style

Our very first dog blog belongs to fashionista Morris from Woodie & Morris in Haslemere, Surrey. A big welcome Morris, thanks for taking the time out to speak with Whippet Snippets!

Name, age & breed

They call me Morris Minor (it’s Morris btw), I’ve reached the grand old age of 9 and I’m a wire-haired Jack Russell (more fluff than wire it has to be said)

Any advice for any fashion conscious dogs out there?

Of course.  Just wear what suits you, take absolutely no notice of trends and make sure you wear a colour that makes your eyes sparkle.  Don’t be afraid to ask advice and go and try on something completely different once a week, you might be surprised.  Oh, and make sure you shop local.

What’s your favourite colour (From Debbie Humphries)

I love bright colours but if I had to pick just one it would be RED.  I REALLY, REALLY love my Christmas Jumper which has lots of red in it.  The humans are full of compliments  when I wear it.

Do you miss Woodie? (From Ray Cimino)

Yes, I do.  He was lovely and soft and very warm, he was my hot water bottle.  Despite all this fluff I get a bit cold and I used to hop into his bed every night.  He liked me cleaning his face in the morning, it’s good to have a chore or two.  But the humans have given me new jobs in the shop so that’s alright.

What’s your favourite food? (From Ray Cimino)

Staff lunches…..they never learn, I spot their sandwiches in their handbags which they leave on the office floor and then pick my moment to pounce.   Sandrina’s lost at least two lunches and  I’ve put on a few kilos since I’ve been working in the shop.

What’s your most prized possession

It’s a close call between my two beds or the two fan heaters.  You know that term “hot dog”? Well that was made for me.  There’s nothing more warming or more pleasurable than lying right in front of a fan heater.

Most memorable moments from the shop floor.

My most memorable moments have come from visiting the changing rooms when they’re occupied.  I like to sneak in under the curtain and say hello when they’re not expecting it.

Favourite job in the shop?

One of my favourite jobs is “meet and greet”. It’s probably because I’m very nosy so I like to see who’s coming into the shop. I’m also Head of Security so I make sure I look out the window to ensure everything is tickety boo. I wave at other dogs going past as well.  I haven’t had to chase after a shoplifter yet though I do keep my eyes peeled.

Postman: Love or hate?

I think I love him actually, he always gives me biscuits especially if I bark and wag my tail at the same time.

Who’s your idol?

Woodie, always Woodie.  I love big black velvety Labradors.

What’s the funniest thing your human does

Well, they think it’s funny but it isn’t really. They’re  partial to a tipple or two after a day in the shop and I know exactly what’s going to happen.  They pick me up, blow on my face and say “teddy” which means that I have to wipe my face with my paw….they all then laugh a lot.  Maybe it is funny then.

Well thank you so much Morris! It was a pleasure to interview you, I'll let you get back to business, I can see you are very busy with the sales!

Woodie & Morris, Haslemere, Surrey:



Dann Barbery(non-registered)
Your dog looks huggable! I wish I had the same dog! I wonder what she looks like with a dress :) :)

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Laura Ludlow(non-registered)
Ahhhhhhhhh Morris. You look fabulous!
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