Haslemere Photographer: Duffy & Rufus

December 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Introducing the beautiful, elegant and strong willed Duffy (black beauty), and gorgeous, hairy, goofy Rufus (the other one ;)

This shoot was a little different with three locations! We decided to start the shoot over at Hankley Common near Churt for the wide open spaces as Duffy has a little bit of a prey instinct. It also gave both of them a chance to have a play off lead. We then moved down the road to Devils Jumps for the dramatic rock structure. When I mentioned that it would be a crime to let the vibrant red ivy fronted houses in Midhurst go to waste, we agreed to meet again within a couple of days for a quick 10 minute portrait shoot. Huge thanks to Duffy & Rufus' mum for being so open to suggestions, we managed to get a really great variety of shots. Three locations isn't the norm, but if they are all close together, I love to do it!



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