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Recently we went to France with all 5 dogs and I had a big dilemma about how to decide what flea & tick treatment to use (you can read about it here). I really wanted to go down the natural route however a few people warned me that the ticks in Europe are much worse than here in the UK so despite my misgivings I bought a collar for each of the hounds which I ended up barely using. 

Basically, I really don’t want my dogs to either ingest pills that stay in their system for months, wear collars that can cause fur loss or put on a ‘one spot’ treatment which has actually burned my hounds and their fur hasn’t grown back. 

It all started after reading this blog about how both her and her dog go hiking in a high tick area both had contracted Lyme disease. She started using this natural method with 8 months success so far. 


I’ve since been researching other ways and have had recommendations from people who swear by some of the following methods, I guess it may work for some dogs and not others, but here are some options you can consider :


Rose Geranium Essential Oil

This is the one from the blog; she uses a drop on each shoulder blade and on the base of the tail -  Rose Geranium is one of the few essential oils which can be used ‘neat’ without a carrier oil. 

Before I go out on a walks I dot oil on my fingers before rubbing it into the shoulder / tail as the hounds have got short fur I want to be careful of the dosage.  I have just come back from a walk in the woods with lots of ferns and long grasses. There were squirrels to be chased so the hounds were in and out of the ferns during the hour, I checked them at the end, no ticks that I could see. This is the one I have been using regularly.


Brewers Yeast

I got a lovely book sent to me called Dogs’ Dinners by Debora Robertson (full of great little treats and tips as well as full dinners) and in it there is a mention of Brewers Yeast not only being great for a glossy coat of fur, but also being a natural tick repellent. Brilliant, two jobs for the price of one! I have been popping some Aniforte Brewers Yeast in with the dogs dinners for a couple of weeks and on a couple of walks where I had forgotten the Rose Geranium, I noticed ticks on the dogs however they weren’t latching on for some reason, I wonder if this is why?

Dorwest Herbs Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets

Dorwest Herbs kindly tweeted me recently after I asked other people how they keep the ticks off, and they recommended their Garlic and Fenugreek tablets as Garlic is a well known repellent. The great thing about this supplement? It also helps joints! High qualities of raw garlic can be dangerous to dogs so don’t think about taking a shortcut! 

Dog & I Cologne

I’m a big fan of all the products of the Dog & I, they recently launched a dog cologne with essential oils and have been getting feedback from their customers; when using ‘Walking on the Sunshine’ their dogs don’t seem to be getting ticks, possibly because of the essential oils Lavender, Rosemary and Lemongrass, are all said to be repellents! So your hound will smell gorgeous as well as keeping pests at bay.

Billy No Mates by CSJ

I know a few people who swear by Billy No Mates - it may take a little longer to start working so start using before you think you need to. It uses a heap of natural herbs that seems to be off putting to ticks, fleas & mites. Lots of properties for a healthy coat too with Fenugreek and Neem being two of the ingredients.

Other Essential Oils

While were were in France, I also took bandanas for all the dogs, one so that we could wet them if it was hot to keep them cool, but also to dab on Cedarwood or Lemongrass oil which are two other essential oils that ticks and fleas don’t like, these shouldn’t be used directly on the dogs fur though. We get our essential oils from Amazon & our bandanas are from Redhound for Dogs.

Tick Facts

Ticks must be engorged from 24 to 36 hours before they are able to transmit Lyme disease and only 25% of nymphs and 50% of adults carry Lyme in the highest endemic areas.  This might seem like a high number, but only 5% of dogs who are naturally exposed to Lyme disease become clinically ill. This means that if you find a nymph on your dog, the risk of Lyme disease in endemic areas is 1.25 out of a hundred and 2.5 out of a hundred if you find an adult tick on your dog. Of course, the risk will be lower in other areas. (Source: https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/ticks-natural-prevention/ - it’s a really interesting read and includes herbal methods to boost the immune system against Lyme disease)

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Five go to France http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/6/travelling-to-france-with-dogs Five go to France

I have always loved the idea of going abroad with the hounds but wasn’t sure it if it would be a real faff. I certainly didn’t want to go the ferry route, we have done that with Scout twice (once when he had to stay in the kennels - never again & once where he could stay in the car on his own, not ideal). So when we got the opportunity to stay at a friends property in Hautefort in the Dordogne, we decided to take the leap.

We looked into Eurotunnel and it seemed so easy! Why hadn’t we thought of this before? A few people have been interested in how the process went, so I’ll start from the beginning 😊

Five-whippets-go-to-franceMe outside our lovely home, Rediat Cor in France with the five hounds.

Passports & Rabies Jabs

Before we even looked at train times, we knew that passports and rabies jabs needed to be first on the list. Rabies jabs need to be done 21 days before travelling and it has to be done after your dog has been microchipped (which of course is a legal requirement now).

As with most things in the Jordan household, we left things a little last minute and did it about 1 month before travelling, and all at the same time. We are lucky enough to have a very patient and sensitive vet who did the relevant check over and took all the details for their passports which we picked up about a week later. 

Considering we have 5 dogs, this wasn’t a cheap process, the bill coming up to around 450.00 (it would have been more however Shadow already had his passport). They will scan for the chip and make a note of the location, and take details of any distinguishing marks which all go on the passport (there is the option to add their photo too if you like!) and add all the rabies vaccination information. Double check all the details are correct before you go!

Ticks, Fleas & Sandflies

This is honestly the thing that caused me the most stress. I wont use any ‘spot’ treatments anymore after both Scout & Jasper lost fur that still hasn’t grown back and there was no way I was going to feed my hounds one of the oral pills which apparently keep ticks away for 3 months, the thought terrified me that is how long it stays in their system.

So I had two options: the collars or a natural remedy.

I really wanted to go with a natural remedy. Friends have sworn by Billy No Mates by CSJ, unfortunately you need to be feeding that months before you go away, and as I mentioned, the Jordan household can be a tad disorganised. 

I already knew from past research that ticks and flees seem to be repelled by the smell of lemongrass and/or cedarwood essential oils so I decided to look into this a little more. That’s when I are across this blog: http://www.primallyinspired.com/easy-natural-tick-repellent-that-really-works-essential-oils/ 

Here was a woman and her dog who had been diagnosed with Lyme disease but didn’t want to use harmful chemicals on her dog and had a natural remedy! 

I put a post up on facebook to see if anyone else had similar results but not many people had tried it. I then got a little scared because of the warnings regarding how much worse the ticks were in Europe to the UK and so, I decided to go down the collar route.

This honestly still made me feel uncomfortable, if you read the instructions you have to wash your hands after coming in contact with it, and yet we put them round our dogs necks. If I had something like a husky I don’t think I would have been so concerned, however my hounds have barely any fur round their necks. 

The two main options that came up were Seresto & Scalibor. Seresto was out after a friend with a short haired Daxie said that her hound had lost the fur round it’s neck. This was turning out to be a nightmare! I bought the Scalibor after a another friend who is completely nuts about her hound and travels extensively recommended it. Thankfully I called my vets to double check with him; he told me that Seresto is the one he recommends as it has been registered, but if I wanted to go with Scalibor I needed to take it off before they go in water because it can be dangerous to small equatic life (seriously!?). 

The good thing about Scalibor is that the collar has much more flex than the Seresto (which is much thicker) so it’s easier to slip over the dogs necks to take them off. 

In the end, the hound hardly wore their Scalibor as I didn’t think it was necessary when walking round towns. They are supposed to wear them all the time to be effective, but instead I put a drop of Rose Geranium on my finger and rubbed it on their shoulder blades and top of the tail for when we were walking in low risk areas. I even put a few dabs on the hems of my shorts and on my shoes (it is an oil though so be careful of staining). Neither hounds or humans came away with bites of any kind. I am not saying that this is the right or correct thing to do, it’s just what we did. 

Fun fact I came across: Ticks must be engorged from 24 to 36 hours before they are able to transmit Lyme disease and only 25% of nymphs and 50% of adults carry Lyme in the highest endemic areas.  This might seem like a high number, but only 5% of dogs who are naturally exposed to Lyme disease become clinically ill. This means that if you find a nymph on your dog, the risk of Lyme disease in endemic areas is 1.25 out of a hundred and 2.5 out of a hundred if you find an adult tick on your dog. Of course, the risk will be lower in other areas. (Source: https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/ticks-natural-prevention/ - it’s a really interesting read and includes herbal methods to boost the immune system agains Lyme disease)

The Eurotunnel

This was the easy part, so easy that actually we somehow managed to bypass the lounge and the dog excercise area (which looks fab with mini agility courses), and found ourselves in the lane for the tunnel in the blink of an eye. Which is a bit of a shame as we decided to take the ‘flexi’ option which gives you access to their fancy new lounge - it did mean however that we had the fast track on boarding & it didn’t matter what time we arrived. 

Our passports were checked on the way out but not the hounds. 

You are loaded onto this huge transport train, one car wide, bumper to bumper and within 40 minutes we were at Calais. 

The hounds didn’t seem to be bothered by the process at all, it was pretty quiet journey. 

On the road

Here’s the great thing about travelling in France, once outside of Calais, approximately every 10-15 miles there were ‘rest stops’ usually signposted as Aire de Repos. Some are quite basic but most include pretty picnic areas with large grassy sections, and if you are lucky, you may get one with a lovely wooded footpath for you to walk your hounds. 

There are a few toll roads but it’s well worth it as the roads brilliant. We went the week before the school holidays and only came across traffic when we went round the French version of the M25 on the way back. Generally we found the roads wide, smooth and free of traffic jams (and when I say ‘we’ I mean my husband as he was a superstar and did all the driving!). 

For some reason, our old boy Jasper was over excited as soon as we got to Calais, which meant more stops than usual just to make sure he wasn’t too hot or needed the toilet. 

The French Holiday 

We were in a tiny place called Hautefort and it was my idea of heaven. Our home for the next week, the stunning Rediat Cor, sat nestled at the base of the impressive Chatau at the top of a hill. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect location after a hectic and sometimes stressful year so far. The lanes were one car width (although plenty of parking spaces) and every home seemed to have a beautiful array of flowers on their doorsteps and window boxes. Pair that with the rustic shutters and and stone buildings and it felt like a fairytale location. It was super clean, and get this, despite it’s rustic location, there were discreet stations for electric car top ups!  

We had a whole list of recommendations of places to go, we only managed a couple as we were content to slow the pace of life a little and sit out on the terrace with the wonderful views and read books that had been stacking up for months.

For anyone worried about not being able to take your dogs in places in France, you needn’t. Everywhere we went, people went out of their way to make us comfortable, from a fancy restaurant down an alley in Perideux where we stopped for lunch (they moved chairs so we could have more space) to the lakeside cafe who brought water bowls to our table. Although we could see dogs were more than welcome in restaurants in the evening, we decided to eat in after we had to leave red faced when the hounds got too excited after seeing a cat. They weren’t settling down (I should have brought my Guru trip bones - hindsight and all that!) so we cooked in the house in the evenings. If we had only two hounds it’s likely they would have settled much easier, but with five, they just ended up feeding off each others excitement. We did find that the majority of places had outside areas too where we saw dogs a plenty. 

A friend who visited France could barely believe that her two hounds were even allowed in a beautifully ornate hotels and restaurants (seriously, one was called Hotel Imperial Palace, yes Palace; think carpeted restaurant and marble staircases). 

The dogs were on lead most of the time however they didn’t seem to mind as it was quite warm so they weren’t up to doing anything energetic. We visited the insanely pretty Segur on the way back from the vets which has a shallow river running through it - we let the hounds have a paddle to cool off and they then had a mental zoomies for a good half an hour. 

Rediat Cor is at the base of the Chateau and dogs are welcomed in the gardens so I went twice in one day as it was so amazing. Hautefort Chateau & Gardens Hautefort Chateau & Gardens

Apart from a couple of hair raising moments (thanks to Shadow thinking that he was made of rubber) and the embarrassment of having to leave the restaurant, it was super relaxing. I felt so inspired taking early morning walks, usually with just one of the hounds, before anything opened. I’d go and sit at the local cafe and have a coffee watching as the town woke up, and felt really welcomed when after a few days they knew my order. 

Here's a link to where we stayed, I honestly can't recommend it enough!: www.positivelyfrench.co.uk/index.html

Vets in France

We were lucky enough to have the details of a vet that the owner of the house uses. We called on the Tuesday to get an appointment for the Thursday (we left on the Saturday). Working tablets should be taken no less than 24 hours and no more than 5 days before you travel back to the UK. I’d recommend doing a search in the area you are staying and giving them a call before you travel to book your dogs in. Most receptionists will speak enough English to understand what you need. 

Our vet spoke good English and was brilliant with the dogs. We found the price ridiculously reasonable - 5 dogs worming plus a 30 pack of calming tablets was 77€ - he went through and double checked all the details with me as the last thing you want is to get to Calais and realise something is incorrect!

One thing to note is that we tried to call on the Monday not realising it was a French public holiday so most places were closed. 

The Hounds Pack List

Food: We packed Guru for the hounds (you can read why we chose this here) and a couple of times bought mince, chicken wings, eggs and tinned fish from the local supermarket as an evening meal (I also brought a tin of pumpkin and their golden paste). 

Beds: We took the hounds favourite beds (Charley Chau Donut & Snuggle beds), a couple of The Whippet Company fleeces to throw on furniture or leave on the patio and two Charley Chau spotted blankets that we could take when we ate out. I kid you not, we got a roof box specifically for all the beds! We dotted them all with lavender essential oils before we left so that they had the benefit of the relaxing effect the entire way through the holiday. I also think its good to have something that they know from home. 

Calmex: We got this from the vets before we went as Boo was anxious in the car after I had an accident last year. We have been working on her confidence however it was too long a journey to risk her being stressed the entire way. We tried it on a couple of journey’s before we left and she definitely made an improvement. It may be worth having something like this on standby (or for example, the pet remedy defuser) as even for the most confident of dogs this could be a strange experience. I’m glad we did as the weather was warm when we went and we had a few thunder storms so it really helped with Shadow.  

Bandanas: We took bandanas for two reasons; one so that we could wet them if the hounds got too warm and secondly to dab essential oils like lavender on before the journey. Ours are from Redhound for Dogs.

Essential Oils: It’s only in the last 6 months or so I’ve really started to get to know and love the natural benefits of essential oils (thanks to Sam at Hoof to Tail Healing) and now I use them all the time for both myself and the hounds. I took lavender for their beds and bandanas to help them relax, I dabbed either cedarwood or lemongrass on their bandanas to help repel ticks (they are quite strong smelling so I left it for about 30 mins before putting them on), and then the rose geranium for ticks too. 

Passports: If you are even thinking of taking your hound abroad it may be good to get this whenever you can as it lasts for 7 years. 

Favourite Toys: It’s really good for your hound to have something that is familiar to him when you are in a new place. 

Harnesses, Leads & tag collars: We took more leads than we needed just in case we lost one and made sure our tag collars had all the details visible & correct. 

Portable water bowl: We had one in the house however we kept one in the car too with a litre bottle of water. Most places had water bowls available however my lot are a bit fussy and only seem to like fresh water and not ones that other dogs have used. Pampered much??

Poo bags: took way more than we needed so that we could put them in the car, pockets & bags all over the place. 

Things we forgot

Jumpers: thankfully we didn’t need them, but I was worried on the way out in case the nights were a bit cooler. I also should have thought about their wax coats in case of rain!

First aid kit: We have a dog first aid kit at home and it was only after I thought back to Shadow’s antics of the week it would have been a good thing to bring. Thankfully we didn’t need it!

I hope you enjoyed our journey! If you have any questions about travelling to France with your dog, please do as and I'll answer if I am able! Kerry x


Surrey | Sussex | Hampshire Dog Photographer

Based in Haslemere

07810 541 685 | Hello@whippetsnippets.co.uk



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Podenco Beach Shoot http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/5/podenco-beach-shoot-sussex Inspired by Dog

There are many, many things I love about my job, but high up there is when I meet people who’s lives have been changed by their hounds; whether they are at a place in life they had never even thought of because of their dog, or their hounds have inspired them to be something, or do something that they never dreamed possible. This is definitely one of those stories.


I met Megan and her pods on our West Wittering Whippet walks, and was very much taken with the gorgeous red and white hounds and was so pleased to see that she had set up a dog walking business with a difference. Megan has taken on the task of not walking, but running with her clients dogs, whether it be canicross (harness system on lead) or a regular run, her clients are dogs who need and love a bit of a faster pace. But Hounded Southsea is becoming so much more than that! Megan is also dedicated to helping people understand how to get the best out of nutrition and enrichment for their dogs with an emphasis on natural.

The shoot took place at West Wittering, on a very lucky day - as in, it didn't rain after what seemed like months of it non stop (it’s raining yet again as I’m writing this at the beginning of May, enough already!) With four Pod’s to photograph I am very glad that Megan brought her Hounded partner Holly with her to be dog wrangler.

We thought we would give them a blast on the beach first, however Smiley (the only girl of the group, and the biggest mischief maker), slipped off for a jaunt in the dunes, that’s where we started instead! The light was divine, we chose an early morning at low tide and these shots with the low sun through the grass, I have to admit, are my personal favourites.

The Podenco’s were a little distracted so I asked Megan to pretend to throw something which usually gets the hounds attention, the only problem being, there was only sand which probably explains why I brought half the beach home in my hair. We then headed off to the main part of the beach, where the action shots took place.

I noticed that because it was low tide, there were sections of high and low beach, and by positioning myself on the lower sections I could capture the hounds with the expanse of blue sky and they became almost silhouettes. I adore this one of Megan and her hounds all together like this, it’s striking in its simplicity.


If you'd like to book a shoot with your dog, feel free to give me a call or drop me an email! Kerry x


Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire Dog Photographer

hello@whippetsnippets.co.uk | 07810 541 685

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Sid & Joey Whippet Photoshoot http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/4/sid-joey-whippet-photoshoot A Wonderful Woodland Shoot

I met gorgeous Sid & Joey a while ago as they are regulars at the Whippet Walk I help organise.  Although both hounds and their humans love the beach, they decided they would like to do a woodland shoot so I chose a quite location of evergreen trees where I knew the dappled light coming through the leaves would look lovely, even in late January.

Fawn-whippet-woodlandWhippet-portrait-photoWhippet in winter photography

As both Sid & Joey could be led astray by each other for a good old explore, we started off with a few portraits on lead (as long as the lead is held in a certain way, I can take it out in processing), and both boys were fantastic at responding to sounds for that really direct gaze. Some of the sounds I make get lovely reactions like Joey’s jaunty ears!

Black-whippet-photoshoot-hampshire-sussexBlack-whippet-woods-photography-hampshireBlack whippet in the woods

I try and make these shoots as fun as possible for your dogs, after all, they have no idea what’s expected of them and don’t understand that they need to ‘perform’ for a shoot. So we ended this session with the hounds running between their humans which they obviously enjoyed, I adore doing action shots as it freeze frames an expression that the owners don’t usually see. 

Whippet-dog-action-running-photography Whippets in action running shot.


The thing I particularly love about Joey & Sid’s portraits is how the chocolate brown of their eyes almost matches the natural hues of the woods in winter just proving that you don’t have to have a shoot in the middle of summer for gorgeous portraits.


 If you'd like to book a shoot with me, drop me an email to hello@whippetsnippets.co.uk or give me a call on 07810 541 685.


Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire based dog photographer. 

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My Top 5 Whippet Collars http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/4/my-top-5-whippet-collars Elegant, comfortable, amazing quality

Those are the three things I look for when I am buying collars, I have 5 hounds so I need to make sure that the collars will last (like when I am doing cost per wear on something I have splashed out on), otherwise it can become expensive if I need to replace them all the time! Also, because I have whippets, they need specific collars; because their heads are a similar size to their necks, regular collars can quite easily slip.

Now it's no secret that I love having different collars for different occasions for my hounds, of course they don't care (well, maybe Scout does, he likes the finer things), but I like to see them look great! They are such an elegant breed, its nice to see them wearing something that accentuates those beautiful lines.

So here are my top five collars and why. One thing that all of these brands have in common (apart from quality, elegance & comfort), is that the people behind them are SUPER nice and give amazing customer service.

1. Dogs & Horses

I met Dogs & Horses maybe four years ago at a dog event and immediately fell in love with their two tone leather collars, quite traditional in style but with a bright splash of colour. They are handmade and pretty thick but become supple very quickly and they are super robust, honestly, these collars have seen everything; swimming in the sea & lakes, rolling in the unmentionable, all weather conditions too. They are also padded which I hadn't seen until then so it tends not to rub their sensitive necks.

I have used leather wax to keep ours in good condition, probably not as much as I should really but they still look fantastic!

As well as the traditional hound collars, I 'may' have decided to get their gorgeous horizon collars too. 

Website: dogsandhorses.co.uk | Facebook: facebook.com/dogsandhorses.co.uk/


2. Brindle & Whyte

I'm a bit partial to bright colours, so when I spotted these yellow collars (called Naples on their website) I knew I had to have them! I already had a set of two tone collars from Brindle & Whyte so I knew the quality was there, and I kept the wide style that I accidentaly chose because I prefer them!  They also have the added extra advantage of large d-rings so it's really easy to clip them onto their leads. I have put these through the washing machine and they have come up like new, even after a muddy roll.

They have just launched a gold and copper set which looks stunning....I'm pretty tempted!

Website: brindleandwhyte.com/ |Facebook : facebook.com/brindleandwhyte

3. Redhound for Dogs

Made by an artesian leather worker in Dorset who used to make shoes, these are honestly the softest leather you could wish for, padded for comfort with classy brass wear. The colours are subtle and stylish with tonal stitching (do you get the idea that I like two tone??). I'm grateful that I haven't had to wash mine yet (no fox poo rolling episodes yet), Redhound have said that Waitrose Rose & Argan Oil Handwash has been highly recommended to keep them in tip top condition. They look delicate but are very hard wearing, so they tick all the boxes for me!

Website: redhoundfordogs.com | Facebook: facebook.com/redhoundfordogs/

4. Silver Peacock

A few years ago I placed third at Dog Photographer of the Year with an image of Boo; Silver Peacock helped me out twice with a really quick turnaround for special collars for Boo, one pink tweed and this stunning pink silk. Boo had the opportunity to go to London to see the images displayed in the Kennel Club HQ and also to go to Crufts for the award giving so she had to look her best! These are definitely my 'Sunday Best' collars for her, and at some point I'll get round to making sure the boys all have one too. My hounds also all have their braided tag collars (great for popping their tags on so I don't have to swap them over all the time!)

Website: silverpeacock.co.uk | Facebook: facebook.com/silverpeacock.collars/

5. To Be Revealed!!

I have recently seen a prototype of a collar by a very talented leather worker who currently handmakes desk accessories, which is how I originally found her, and my oh my, it's pretty special! There may be a two tone aspect to it (I may be a bit obsessed with two tone!!). I'll be getting my grubby little mitts on a few of the first ones available so I'll update you then! #velveteenhound


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Happy Hound Day 2018 http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/4/happyhound-day-2018 A small dog event with a big heart. 

This week has flown by, as I am writing this, I can barely believe that the Happy Hound Day was less than 7 days ago. 

This year we were a little more organised, we expanded slightly to include a couple of new stalls (still of the highest quality of course) and decided to do a few dog shows (best dressed, best rescue & best trick) however we knew that the weather wasn’t going to be as kind to us as the previous year, the complete opposite in fact with rain forcast for the entire day. We retained our optimism though and in true British style, carried on regardless.

Happy Hound Day, Fernhurst, West Sussex

We were lucky! The rain held off for a while, we even saw the sun trying to come through the clouds, we knew that we would have to bring the raffle forward though; as the afternoon went on the clouds got heavier and we knew our luck wasn’t going to hold for much longer.

Sure enough, a few spots started as we were beginning the raffle, and by the end, it was a steady stream and we decided to call it a day. 

The raffle was fantastic, really beautiful products donated by our stall holders and some of our other business friends, with the proceeds going to Celia Cross Greyhound Trust again. On top of this our stall holders made a donation, volunteer bakers had biscuits to be sold, I gave a percentage from my mini shoots/vouchers & dog show donations were part of the total too. Despite the fact that a lot of people still braved the possibility of rain, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if we were going to smash last years total of £550 as we had hoped. 

Well *drum roll please* WE DID! In fact, at the last count, we had over doubled it! I’m not ashamed to admit, I got a little emotional in M&S when I found out the total. For an event that is really quite small AND the fact that the weather was bad, I was honestly overwhelmed. 

We had a great tea party for the hounds, with dog cake being baked by my gin slugging, wine drinking and organising partner in crime Debbie from Redhound for Dogs, as well as salmon paste sandwiches and lots of treats donated by the lovely people at Fish 4 Dogs. 

Because we only want the best for our Happy Hound Day, food was supplied by the amazing Hector & the Fox again this year and despite my vows to be first in the queue after missing out last year, you guessed it, I missed out this year too! I have heard that their menu went down a storm again, their pea and wild garlic soup seemed to get particular acclaim.   

I have been so grateful for the support and love shown to our little event. When Debbie and I decided to do this, we had no idea how many fabulous & generous people we would come in contact with. 

Here’s who have helped us this year, go and show them some love because as well as having super products, the people behind the brands are honestly awesome.

Dotty Dog Art | Facebook | Instagram | Website

The Dog and I | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Hector & the Fox | Facebook | Instagram | Website

The Lounging Hound | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Charley Chau | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Laura’s Fundraising Dog Biscuits | Facebook

Brightwater Reiki | Facebook | Website

The Innocent Hound | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Guru Pet Food | Facebook | Instagram | Website

House of Henry | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Fish 4 Dogs | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Life off the Lead | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Sew Sweet Violet | Instagram | Website

Did you come? What was your favourite part?

Also, if you are on instagram we have been hashtagging #happyhoundday to see everyone’s photo’s. 

If you'd like to purchase any images, pop me an email to hello@whippetsnippets.co.uk for your 10% discount code :)

Full gallery can be viewed here: www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/happy-hound-day-2018




Dog Photographer covering Surrey | Sussex | Hampshire

hello@whippetsnippets.co.uk | 07810 541 685


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3 Fact About Dog Shampoo Which I Couldn't Believe http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/4/3-fact-about-dog-shampoo-which-i-couldnt-believe Changing the face of dog soaps


I have to admit, before I came across The Dog and I, I never really thought about what I washed the hounds with. Generally I used a dog shampoo from the pet shop, it was dog specific so it was perfect for dogs right? Not necessarily. Here are 3 things about dog shampoo's which has really made me re-think.

  1. Dog Shampoo's aren't safety assessed, because there is no-where to send it to! How insane is that? They are able to use things like SLS which is a cheap foaming agent and can be harsh, it has also been known to be a skin irritant. In human shampoo's you will find SLS free products for people who have sensitive skin; now imagine your dog licking itself and those lovely unregulated ingredients after their bath. The mind boggles.
  2. Makers don't have to put the ingredients on the bottle so you can't make an informed decision as to whether it would be good for your dog, or if there are any irritants in there.
  3. If just 1% of the nation's 8.5 million dogs (well, their owners anyway) converted from a bottle of shampoo to a bar of soap, that would be 85000 less plastic bottles out there. That figure blows my mind. Of course long haired dogs may still need shampoo, wouldn't it be amazing though if they used a product with natural ingredients instead of lots of unnecessary 'stuff'.

So that's how The Dog and I converted me to use soap for my hounds and I have been super impressed with how effective it is. I can easily use the bar to do 'spot' cleans of muddy paws as it fits neatly in my hand and I don't have to try and wrangle the muddy hound and try and upend a shampoo bottle. The lather is rich but washes off really easily so I don't have to worry about any residue. All that aside though, I always try and support small businesses when I can, and the fact that the people behind this brand area also blinking lovely is just an added extra bonus.

So what do you think? Will you be a convert too? I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheDogandI/  | Instagram: www.instagram.com/thedog_i/ | Website: www.thedogandi.co.uk/



Surrey | Sussex | Hampshire | Dog Photographer




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The Incredible Journey of Margo & Albert http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/4/the-incredible-journey-of-two-pugs Be More Pug!

I met Margo & Albert at the Spring Mini Shoots (on the weekend that we had heavy snow!) and although I knew a little of their background, I had no idea of the extent of what they had been through, and how far they had come. Watching them, you never would have guessed, their zest for life was infectious! Here's their full story of their incredible journey from their human.


Albert was bought for me by my husband Neil-a combined Wedding Anniversary, Xmas and Birthday gift (they are all in December and beginning of January - poor man!!)

I'd lost the canine love of my life-Alfie a Affenpinscher and had always wanted a black pug-Pugs are such sturdy little dogs with HUGE personalities and are often called the canine clowns!

Little did I know how sturdy this breed was...........

About 3 years ago Albert was diagnosed with a condition that sadly pugs do suffer from called Pigmentary Keratitis-this is where pigment forms in the eye, normally starting at the outer part but can eventually cover the Cornea leading to blindness.

Luckily at the moment Alberts is still on the outer part of the cornea but he has hardly any peripheral vision left and mostly has blurred vision-this has lead me to having a dog bandana made stating Partially Sighted Pug Coming Through!- (thank you House Of Henry) for him to wear whilst out walking with me.

To manage this condition Albert has an eye medication daily called Optimmune-(anyone that knows the price of eye meds for dogs will know this is probably the most expensive)

He is such a good boy for this as from a pup I taught him the word Eye so he knows that he has to sit still for me to look in his eyes etc-something that most pug owners I think should do as this cute bulgy eyed breed will no doubt at some point get an eye injury.

But that wasn't it for Albert, he wanted to test the veterinary world a bit more.....

About 8 months ago I noticed a lump on Alberts left hind leg, probably the size of a small apricot, it was very odd as it kept changing size, almost as though it was going back under the skin.

Now before I started my own dog walking business I had worked in a veterinary surgery for 25 years and it had the classic appearance of a lipoma (fatty lump), so I thought I would wait a couple of weeks and see how it went.

But then another lump appeared on his breast bone-this one was smaller and harder, but as it came up so quickly I decided a trip to my vets was needed.

We took a needle sample of the lumps to which my vets were of the same opinion a fatty lump and sent them off for analysis-a few days later to my utter shock my best friend called me-(she's the head nurse at my vets) and said "Sorry Rach, Alberts results have come back as Mast Cell tumours!"

I was completely shocked but my head went into overdrive and I knew that we had to grade the tumours and wanted to sort this out ASAP.

I was referred to NDSR in Bletchingley to see Gerry Polton a top oncologist and it was decided that we would need to remove both of them but a scan had to be done first to make sure it hadn't spread.

Luckily it hadn't but the tumours were already middle grade(3) so Gerry suggested removal of both tumours along with the 2 lymph nodes next to them to reduce the risk of spread-this is a very new procedure but I trusted Gerry and knew it had to be done.

3 days later I had my boy home, although there were 2 very extensive scars we got the news that all the cancer had been removed.

Recovery went very well, I had a tshirt suit made for him by Equafleece as brachycephalic breeds like pugs do not cope well with The Cone of Shame-aka plastic elizabethan collars and his stitches were removed 14 days later.

And In typical Pug fashion I get the look from Albert now which suggests "What was all the fuss about"


What can I say my gorgeous brave girl.......

So after falling in love with the Pug breed I decided I needed another one (most dog owners will understand this feeling) and the search for a fawn one went underway.

I did what I spent most of my veterinary career telling people not to do and bought Margo from Preloved online.

Her picture was gorgeous and my heart told me I had to have her-so I called her owner and arranged to meet the following weekend.

Margo was sooooo excited to see us and her owner was selling her at the age of 5 months as didn't really have time for her and she spent most of her day in a crate so she came home there and then.

Within 24 hours of her being home it was clear to see she had SPECIAL FEET-we called them flippers, now at first this didn't seem to bother her and I wanted to see if they would change as she was still a puppy.

But by 10 months old Margo was becoming lame after 30 minutes of walking so after a vet visit we were referred to Fitzpatrick Referrals-yes the Supervet!

During the first visit and after tests and scans we were told she would need both her wrist joints fused with metal plates-it was either go through with surgery or walk her 10 mins a day and run the risk of her possibly breaking the joints if she jumped off anything.

So surgery it was ........

Each leg was a 6-8  week recovery with complete crate restriction and on lead only for toilet purposes and even if she was sitting with us on the sofa we had to hold her lead and yes I even slept with her holding it too.

I took her to work with me every day as when I came home to walk my other 2 dogs she was so distressed in the crate that if I left her I thought she would damage her legs so I invested in a dog papoose and carried her in this -she loved this as she still got to see all her friends at the park and have a good sniff of the air.

Margo was finally signed off a year ago from Fitzpatricks-weve had 3 physio sessions since as whilst having scans they found she has arthritis in her toes too so we needed to teach her to walk properly again.

She still has a slight limp on hard ground but she is back to being My Mad Margo and running and playing at the park with all her pals.

So what can I say... I have 2 L'Oreal Pugs-yes because they are worth it.

So if anyone out there has been told their fur baby needs surgery I know it may seem daunting at the time and like there is a long road ahead but believe me the destination is definitely worth it.xx


A I think you will agree, these two are pretty incredible pooches! Kerry x


Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire professional dog photographer.

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Whippets are Best in Show - 9 Weird & Wonderful Facts http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/3/9-weird-and-wonderful-facts-about-whippets Whippets are Best in Show

Last night, Whippet owners around the world rejoiced when Tease the Whippet won Best in Show at Crufts. Whippets are often a misunderstood breed, so here are a few facts about wonderful Whippets which most owners will be nodding their heads to.

1.  Whippets are LAZY, like, super lazy. I still remember being told 'if you can't choose between a cat and a dog, get a whippet'. Most people on the street think that they need a lot of exercise, mine will happily sleep the entire day whether they have had 30 minutes or 3 hours walking.

2. They love zoomies - they can go from a slow trot 30mph whirlwind in a fraction of a second. This can be terrifying when you have a whippet hurtling towards you; generally though, they have the ability to swerve at the very last minute leaving you thankful for that you still have the use of your kneecaps!

3. They are opportunistic thieves. There has been many an owner who has turned their back for .0001 of a second only to find the sandwich/biscuit/steak has disappeared leaving an innocent looking hound with remnants hanging from their whiskers.

4. They are fair weather hounds. They will be appalled if you take them outside in the rain and would be calling the RSPCA if they could use the phone.

5. The rules 'no dogs on the furniture' doesn't last very long in a whippet household. They have no undercoat so they would be uncomfortable on hard floors; they adore anything soft. They use this to their advantage, owners will often be found on the floor rather than move the comfortable hound. Whippets also have an uncanny ability to know how to burrow under the duvet.

6. Because of their shape, whippets usually need breed specific coats, jumpers and collars. Be prepared to spend a small fortune and for your hound to be better dressed than you. (We love Redhound for Dogs for attire and for collars check out Dogs & Horses or Brindle & Whyte)

7. Whippet owners can never seem to stop at just one whippet.
8. Whippets can have an irregular heartbeat at rest, it becomes 'normal' when running.
9. They are super affectionate with their humans and make great family pets but they can be quite aloof with people they don't know.


My #1 specialty is photographing whippets and sighthounds - if you have a Best in Show hound at home, grab this special offer before it sells out
50.00 off any shoot for whippets - only 5 available!! Full shoot details are here: www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/2018-pricing

Gift Vouchers

Want to see more photos of whacky whippets? Check this out blog post: Puppy Shoot at West Wittering

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Milo the beautiful Lurcher http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/2/milo-the-lurcher Surrey Dog Shoot

Can you imagine, after seeing this gorgeous boy, that there is any such thing as Black Dog Syndrome? Statistically black dogs are overlooked in rescue centres. But honestly, look at this face! Thankfully he doesn't have to worry about that, his humans dote on him.

Meet Milo, the super handsome whippet x deerhound who I had the pleasure of photographing at the end of last year on an unseasonably warm day. Our shoot took place in one of the picturesque wooded areas of Haslemere & we decided to do it towards the end of the day so that the sun was low and golden.

We started off with some portraits and I was so taken with Milo's chocolate brown eyes, behind his cheeky exterior was a very soulful gaze. Milo then had great fun with the action shots, he was true professional - directing his gaze directly into the camera, and boy oh boy does he love a squeeky ball! As the sun started to set, Milo was content to calmly trot along, and quite on his own, struck a pose at the top of a vista overlooking the heathland and woods, it was a special moment.

If you would like to book a shoot a dog shoot, you can find out more information here: http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/2018-pricing

lurcher-dog-photoshoot-black-dogBlack-lurcher-Milo-dog-photographer-haslemereBeautiful black hound Milo photoshoot lurcher-dog-photoshoot-black-dogBlack-lurcher-Milo-dog-photographer-haslemereBeautiful black hound Milo photoshoot lurcher-dog-photoshoot-black-dogBlack-lurcher-Milo-dog-photographer-haslemereBeautiful black hound Milo photoshoot lurcher-dog-photoshoot-black-dogBlack-lurcher-Milo-dog-photographer-haslemereBeautiful black hound Milo photoshoot lurcher-dog-photoshoot-black-dogBlack-lurcher-Milo-dog-photographer-haslemereBeautiful black hound Milo photoshoot lurcher-dog-photoshoot-black-dogBlack-lurcher-Milo-dog-photographer-haslemereBeautiful black hound Milo photoshoot

lurcher-dog-photoshoot-black-dogBlack-lurcher-Milo-dog-photographer-haslemereBeautiful black hound Milo photoshoot


Haslemere based professional dog photographer | hello@whippetsnippets.co.uk

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Dog Friendly Pancakes http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/2/dog-friendly-pancakes Dog Friendly Pancake Recipe

I had never thought of doing pancakes for my hounds before, but after watching their pure glee when I delivered this tasty treat with a nutritious filling I will most definitely do it again next year. Seeing how much they loved it made the small effort all worth while.

I took a basic 'human' pancake recipe and replaced the milk with water. I also added half a teaspoon of pure coconut oil as I had it already.

Ingredients for the batter (made 5 small pancakes)

  • 60g Flour
  • 100 Water (adding more as needed to make a good batter).
  • 1 Egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure coconut oil (optional)

For the filling:

  • Two tablespoons of cottage cheese
  • Small handful of spinach, chopped.
  • I had accidentally 'crisped' some bacon so I chopped it finely to make a crumb.


Mix together the batter ingredients and leave to stand for 30 minutes.

I used a small, non stick pan to make the pancakes exactly how we would human ones. I didn't need to use oil for this, but if you need to, add a tiny drizzle of oil and wipe round with a piece of kitchen paper.

Give it a flip and away you go! Most of all, have fun! Other things you could add: scrambled eggs, their usual treats, a smidge of peanut butter, sliced bananas.

It's worth remembering that this will count towards their daily intake so you may want to reduce their usual food.

Check out this Innocent Pet Care blog for some more great & healthy pancake ideas: https://theinnocentpet.co.uk/blogs/the-innocet-pet-blog

(I used plates purely so that I could photograph the hounds, it's a bit messy and the floor required a mop afterwards as you can see!)

dog-friendly-pancake-recipeDog friendly pancakes with a healthy filling dog-friendly-pancake-recipeDog friendly pancakes with a healthy filling dog-friendly-pancake-recipeDog friendly pancakes with a healthy filling dog-friendly-pancake-recipeDog friendly pancakes with a healthy filling dog-friendly-pancake-recipeDog friendly pancakes with a healthy filling dog-friendly-pancake-recipeDog friendly pancakes with a healthy filling



hello@whippetsnippets.co.uk (Whippet Snippets) dog dog friendly dog pancake healthy pancake photographer photography recipe shrove tuesday whippet http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/2/dog-friendly-pancakes Mon, 12 Feb 2018 16:33:13 GMT
Furdography for Beginners http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/2/furdography-for-beginners-photography Welcome to Furdography for Beginners


Hi there, thanks for visiting! In case you didn’t know, I’m Kerry & I have been a been photographing professionally for 7 years and started specialising in dogs 4 years ago. I quite often get asked if I would do a photography course however I have resisted purely because I still feel like I am a student myself, even after all this time. There is SO much to learn about the craft of photography that it’s dizzying and difficult to even know where to start. 

So the idea behind this course was to help you understand what makes a good image and give you the knowledge to implement it. There’s not technical jargon and you don’t need a fancy camera.

It will take place in a private Facebook group & there is a reduced price of 75.00 for this first course as I would really love you to help me craft what I have already put together into something that’s clear, concise and fun! It’s easy to get caught up in your own head when you are writing content, so you, as the first contingent will be my focus. 

Course Content 

Online-dog-photography-course-for-beginnersBasic training to improve your dog photography.

What do you get?

  • An exclusive, closed FB group. 
  • Weekly tasks to help improve your skills, for 12 weeks.
  • Daily trouble shooting time slots.
  • Weekly round up & image assessments.
  • A group call once a month.
  • Money back guarantee. If you have completed each element and don't feel like your dog portraits have improved, you will be refunded.

What will you need?

  • Any kind of digital camera, whether phone or DSLR. 
  • Enthusiasm!


If reading this you are getting excited about the prospect of improving your skills & knowledge, then I can’t wait to have you on board! Spaces are limited to 15 in order for me to give people the time and attention the deserve, and you can book right here: https://goo.gl/9jUZQJ 

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The holistic benefits of dogs wearing red http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/2/holistic-benefits-of-dogs-wearing-red National Wear Red Day

Today (2nd February) is National Wear Red Day, created to raise awareness of congenital heart disease. I couldn't think of a better person to talk about the benefits of wearing red, than Sam, from Hoof to Tail Healing.

I've been following Sam on instagram for a while and her knowledge of holistic treatments for dogs and horses is immense, informative and bloody interesting. Because of her, I now have a whole range of essential oils which I use for both myself and the hounds. She is owned by the sweetest little Staffie girl called Beth who helps her take the post to the postbox.

I asked Sam to put together some information on how the colour can help both you and your hounds, it's
how colours can effect us. Thanks Sam!

Benefits of wearing red

In reiki, the colour red relates to the root chakra, which is at the base of the spine so can be used to balance this chakra so the body can heal itself.

Red is a great energising colour, increasing circulation, and on an emotional level, increasing confidence.

Areas of the body associated with the root chakra - spine, feet, bones, circulation, teeth, large intestine, bladder, legs.

Emotions associated with the root chakra - security, courage, stability

Common ailments related to the root chakra- fatigue, obesity, colds, bladder infections, sciatica.

This is another great chakra for rescue dogs, as it can help them to feel secure in their new home. It also calms anxious dogs, being grounding the energy is brought away from the brain.

How can wearing red help your dog?

Dogs can't see all colours, but each colour gives off a vibration which the dog can respond to on an energetic level, balancing the chakras and clearing blockages in the energy flow.

  1. Your dog can wear red as well as you! A red collar, bandana, jumper, coat... the choice is yours. This is my favourite way to use colour with Beth. She has a large collection of bandanas, and often I will lay them out for her to choose one! As a typical bouncy over excitable staffy, I tend to buy blue a lot more for leads and harnesses, as this is a calming colour! But she also really suits red.
  2. I have a free app called Colour Light Touch. It changes the whole of your phone or tablet screen to which ever colour you like, you just moves your finger around the touch screen until it changes to the colour you want.
  3. Water bowls. Yes, one of my more “out there” ideas. Having different colour water bowls allow the water to take on the vibrational energy of the colour of the bowl. They also allow for self selection. I have three, yes three! water bowls for Beth. Energetic red and calming blue are colours with the biggest response, so I picked these. Beth also tends to hold any stress in her stomach, and sometimes picks up food on walks that doesn't agree with her. So the third bowl is yellow to balance the solar plexus chakra (stomach). Her favourites are blue and yellow. But I often find in summer when she is really warm, and lacking in energy on a very hot day, she picks red.

I hope this inspires you to use colour with your dog, and help when choosing the right colour collar or jumper. I'd love to hear how you get on.

If you have any questions on how colour can help your dog, contact me for a chat.


Website: www.hooftotailhealing.co.uk | Email: sam@hooftotailhealing.co.uk

Instagram: Hooftotailhealing | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hooftotailhealing/

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Spring Mini Shoots http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/1/spring-mini-shoots-midhurst-sussex dog-mini-photography-midhurst-sussexSpring-dog-photograph-shoots-midhurst-sussexSpring Mini Shoots for Dogs at The Walled Gardens, Cowdray.

Dog Photography Mini Shoots

I'm very excited to launch my first Dog Mini Shoot at the beautiful Walled Garden at Cowdray, Midhurst.

Details are still being revealed, but here's the down low so far:

  • Max 2 dogs from the same household per shoot.
  • Shoot lasts 20 minutes in the lovely Walled Gardens.
  • Session Fee at £50 which is being donated to the charity Celia Cross Greyhound Trust.
  • Exclusive products available to purchase on the day. These products will only be available at my minishoots.
  • Individual prints at 30.00 & there will options have a discounted bundle.
  • Voucher for Dog Friendly cafe at the Walled Garden.

You can book your 20 minute slot here: https://calendly.com/whippetsnippets/springmini2018/03-18-2018

Payment can be made via paypal to hello@whippetsnippets.co.uk or paypal.me/booface/50

Very much looking forward to meeting you!



Dog Photography in the Great Outdoors | Covering Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire

hello@whippetsnippets.co.uk | 07810541685



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How to choose a dog photographer http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2018/1/how-to-choose-a-dog-photographer How to Choose Your Perfect Dog Photographer

I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to choose the right person to photograph your dog. Once you have made the decision to go ahead with a professional shoot, you then have to decide studio or outdoors?  

Then there’s finding the perfect one, it’s overwhelming and a little intimidating! Do you get a recommendation? Do you do a google search? And even then, there are SO many photographers out there, some with the most fanciest of websites, but that doesn’t mean much nowadays. 

Dog-photographer-surrey-outdoorProfessional outdoor dog photographer. Italian greyhound portrait.

Here's a few little tips to help you decide:

  1. I think this is the most important: fall in love with the photographers work. Look at their portfolio, if it gives you joy and evokes emotion they should be on your shortlist.
  2. Try not to base your decision on price alone. I have wanted and fallen in love with artists work and knew I had to have something commissioned, so I saved and waited, knowing that I would enjoy it forever.
  3. Do they have any reviews? Either on Facebook or a designated review site? This will give you an idea of not only the photographers work ethics, but the kind of person who books them, if their previous clients seem to strike a cord with you, then you know you are on to a winner. 
  4. Do they specialise in dog photography, or do they also do everything under the sun - weddings, landscapes, corporate, food etc etc? Every different genre of photography requires a very specific skill set, and rather than look at a jack of all trades, look for someone who has invested time, effort and education into their particular craft.
  5. Do they offer a good selection of quality products? If you are investing time, effort and cost to get professional images of your hound, why wouldn't you want to display them in them in the best possible way?

Dog-action-shot-water-sighthoundProfessional outdoor dog photographer. Dog in action over puddle. Now, why should you choose me? 

Well if you have got this far, I’d like to think that you have number 1 covered! 

I have spent the last four years learning how to get the most out of dogs in the great outdoors, I know how to manage with shy/energetic/nervous dogs, ones who can’t be off lead or who can’t sit for more than a fraction of a second & have even worked with multiple at the same time. 

It goes without saying that I have an absolute obsession for dogs and all things dog related, I love looking at new products, hearing new developments in positive training (Victoria Stilwell is amazing), but I’m sure every other dog photographer is the same (or at least I hope so). 

So here’s what I think sets me aside from the rest: when you look at my website, read my blog or visit my Facebook or Instagram pages, I hope you see this is so much more than just a business to me. Of course I need to make a living, however it’s important to me that you have the best possible experience, I want to find about out what’s right for you and your hound, the likes and dislikes.  I never use the same approach to shoots, each one is individual.

You may notice another thing, I treat my clients as friends, and that’s because that is what a lot of them have become. The lovely people who find me somehow seem to have the same ethos that I believe in; they value kindness and generosity, they love their dog like family because that’s exactly what they are and want to spend time with them (a lot of them seem to also love gin but don’t worry, that’s not a prerequisite). Just loving your dog is enough. 

Above all, I hope to give you and your hound the best possible end result; a fabulous memory, exceptional products and a warm fuzzy feeling.

(Oh, and by the way, I photograph all breeds, just don’t tell the Whippets). 

Behind-the-Scenes-Outdoor-dog-photographyBehind the scenes at of Whippet Snippets Dog Photography. Outdoor shoots in Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire.

Here's some of my 2017 clients, enjoy!

You can see find reviews on my Facebook page, Google and also Good Vet & Pet Guide


Professional Dog Photographer covering Surrey,  Sussex & Hampshire.

hello@whippetsnippets.co.uk | 07810 541 685

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Thank-you & Happy New Year http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2017/12/thank-you-happy-new-year I wanted to write a quick note to say thank-you to my brilliant clients without who I would not have had such an amazing 2017. I am so lucky to have met such lovely people and their beautiful hounds.

Also to all of the fabulous community of people who like, comment and share on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages - for a small business it is so important to have that kind of interaction and it’s a constant joy hearing your stories and seeing your images. I really do feel very honoured that you take the time out of your busy days to pop over and spend some of your precious time. 

It’s been an amazing year, but just you wait, I have some great plans for 2018 & I can’t wait to share them with you! Have an fabulous New Years Eve, see you next year. 

Kerry x

Lurcher-photopher-surreyBlack lurcher portrait by Surrey and sussex based photographer whippet snippets. Sighthound-action-dog-photographer-surreSighthound in full flight action photograph in surrey Boxer-black-and-white-photographyBlack and white portrait photograph of boxer dog in surrey Spaniel-water-action-photographSpaniel photography running through water. Action shot by dog photographer in surrey.

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Puppy Photoshoot at West Wittering http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2017/12/puppy-photoshoot-at-west-wittering Roobarb the Whippet Puppy

When Roobarb's human contacted me about a photoshoot, she asked if I wouldn't mind having an extended family one. Usually shoots consist of dogs from the same household however how on earth could I resist a litter mates meet-up?

We started out with Roobarb solo, the main aim was having some full out action shots which was a good thing because this little pup was full of beans; the portraits were the ones we had to try a little harder for! Roobarb is one of those hounds who has a complete zest for life, he loves everyone and everything, truly reminding me that we should take life skills from dogs.

We then brought the rest of the family onto the beach, my idea of heaven! Two of the pups adored each other and couldn't stop wrestling which made for some hilarious images, the older ones enjoyed the quiet beach with low tide making the perfect zoomies environment.

Gift vouchers are available here: 2017 Prices

Whippet-dog-photography-shoot-sussex Whippet-dog-photography-shoot-sussex Whippet-dog-photography-shoot-sussex Whippet-dog-photography-shoot-sussex


Haslemere Based Dog Photographer | Covering Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire

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Luxury Gift Guide for Hound and Home http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2017/11/luxury-gift-guide-dog-home Luxury Gift guide for Hound & Home


With Christmas sneaking up on us, there are a dizzying array of products out there to give to your dog loving friends, or, in fact gifts to buy to treat yourself! I have put together my personal top 10 products which definitely won't be re-wrapped and given to someone else next year.

Stylish Personalised Rope Leads

by Dapper Maximus Designs

I follow Dapper Maximus on Instagram and was instantly taken when these leads started showing up on my feed but I couldn't possibly need any more leads....then the option of putting your hounds name on the handle came up and I was sold! These leads are all made by hand and you have a multitude of options for colours of handles, different rope charms to add and then the size & length of rope - this truly is a very personalised gift. Check out the etsy store for the most gorgeous dip dying options.

Handmade-rope-dog-leads-personalised-gift-guidePersonalised & handmade rope dog leads by Dapper Maximus Designs

Prices from 23.00

Website | Instagram

Natural & High Quality Dog Treats that Hounds Find Irrisistable!

from The Innocent Hound

I think we are, as a nation of dog lovers, becoming more aware of the foods we are feeding our hounds, which is why I love The Innocent Hound. They have a very high percentage of meat & only use British meat from sustainable farming. Oh, and their menu sounds good enough for humans! For Christmas they have brought out this fabulous gift box with a yummy new addition of Gravlax sprinkle for your hounds dinner made from air dried salmon, great for a shiny coat. You can choose between three sizes which have a combination of their lush sausages, deer antler & the gravlax in varying sizes. It comes already beautiful wrapped which means you don't have to try and find the end of the celotape to wrap this gift.

The-Innocent-Hound-Gift-Set-ChristmasThe innocent hound high quality treat gift box for Christmas

Prices from 10.00

Website | Facebook

Elegant Sofa Toppers To Revamp & Protect Your Sofa

by The Lounging Hound

If you are a bit soft like I am, there is no way we could ever keep the hounds off the sofa so I can't quite believe no-one has thought about this genius  idea of a sofa topper before! You can see my full review from earlier on in the year here but I am very excited by their seasonal addition of this really quite stunning & vibrant red. It will automatically make a space feel festive & warm - as well as standard sizes, they can be custom made, be warned though that their cut off date is 1st December! 

sofa-topper-red-christmasLuxury sofa topper gift christmas red by The Lounging Hound sofa-topper-red-christmasLuxury sofa topper gift christmas red by The Lounging Hound

Prices from 130.00

Website | Facebook

Unique Handmade Coasters

from The Whippet Company

These are no ordinary coasters, each has a hand finished glazed moziac effect which means it is completely unique so you are putting your glasses on a mini piece of art work! They have a gorgeous gold edging to add an extra bit of glamour and are only available from The Whippet Company. I know hound lovers would love to find a few of these under the tree. Choose from 'Sand' or 'Duck Egg' as a background & four design of whippet prints.

Website | Facebook

mosaic-dog-coaster-christmas-gift-guideHandmade mosiac dog coasters with dog artwork. Each one unique from The Whippet Company mosaic-dog-coaster-christmas-gift-guideHandmade mosiac dog coasters with dog artwork. Each one unique from The Whippet Company

Completely Natural Handmade Soaps

by The Dog & I

I am a big fan of supporting small businesses & also using natural products as much as I can on my hounds. If you are the same, you will be pleased you have found The Dog & I - they only use three ingredients in their soaps and why should they need any more? It is exactly what you need to get your hounds clean and smells amazing too. Their absolutely fantastic Spa kit is really reasonably priced and if you have friends dogs who love bog snorkling (like my crazy spaniel friend) this would be perfect. Both the soaps and the spa kit would be brilliant as stocking fillers (because everyone gets stockings for their hounds right??).

handmade-dog-soap-spa-kit-naturalHandmade dog soap & spa kit from The Dog & I. Natural products handmade-dog-soap-spa-kit-naturalHandmade dog soap & spa kit from The Dog & I. Natural products

Prices from 2.50

Website | Instagram

For Hounds Who Step Out In Style

by Redhound for Dogs

For hounds who need to be kept warm; Redhound for Dogs are an amazing company who always go out of their way to make sure their coats are not only practical but super stylish. They are in a very unique position that they design in house which means they can create coats like this gorgeous Dorset (shown in Plum). It'd be a hard choice but I have included the Dorset as it's the first one they have designed that is washable. The cross over design gives easy movement while the padding keeps your hound super warm.

They should come with a warning though - you will get stopped constantly by people admiring your hound when they wear this! And you will also feel the need to upgrade your own wardrobe to keep up.

washable-quilted-dog-coat-Cross over dorset dog coat by redhound for dogs

Prices from 49.95

Website | Instagram

Versitile & Snuggly Herdwick Fleeces

from The Whippet Company

These sheepskins are of the highest quality, sumptiously thick with beautiful colours, you can use them to pop in front of the fire, drape over an old dog bed to bring it back to life or we have even popped ours on a bean bag which the hounds adore!! These fleeces are naturally dirt resistant and are a really good size and washable. The thing I love about these is that whether you have a country style cottage or a cool chic apartment, these will look great anywhere.

luxury-sheepskin-rug-fleeces-herdwickLuxury sheepskin rug from herdwick sheep by The Whippet Company luxury-sheepskin-rug-fleeces-herdwickLuxury sheepskin rug from herdwick sheep by The Whippet Company

Price 125.00

Website | Instagram |

Personalised Stationary With A Difference

by Wildflower Illustration

Okay, how amazing are these?? You can send an image of your hound to Wildflower Illustration and they will add it to your card with a personalised message. They can add a few more for a small fee and you get a high quality card, great service & something completely unique to send out this Christmas. (P.s their instagram account is gorgeous!)

personalised-stationary-giftPersonalised Cards with dog artwork by wildflower illustrations personalised-stationary-giftPersonalised Cards with dog artwork by wildflower illustrations

Prices from 24.50

Website | Instagram

The Ultimate Luxury Dog Bed

by Charley Chau

For those of you who would love a dog bed which looks gorgeous in your home, and also is built to last, you can't go wrong with Charley Chau. The snuggle beds are a firm favourite in this household & when I read how much time and effort they have put into designing their Ducky Donut bed, I knew that it was going to be pretty special. One of the great things about this brand is that they really pride themselves in making beautiful quality that lasts, so an investment, and one that your hounds will thank you for!

This is the first dog bed that I have come across (apart from the 'cushion' ones) where you can take off the entire covers to wash, if that wasn't great enough, you can also wash the individual side pads & the removable mattress from the bottom.  The sides are super plump & filled with duck feather pads and keep their shape amazingly well. Available in 5 colours.

luxury-charley-chau-ducky-donut-dog-bedLuxury and hardwearing dog bed that looks beautiful in the home by Charley Chau luxury-charley-chau-ducky-donut-dog-bedLuxury and hardwearing dog bed that looks beautiful in the home by Charley Chau

Prices from 180.00

Website | Facebook

The Gift of Photography

Vouchers from Whippet Snippets Dog Photographer

For people who love being outdoors in our beautiful country with their hounds you can give them a gift, a memory, of their walks through the woods, running along the beach or hiking in the hills. I offer products that they can see every day of their lives - a sleek metal print above the fireplace or a rustic wood panel of their favourite walk in the hall. The vouchers come boxed and ready to give to your favourite dog lover. In case you were wondering, I photograph all breeds!

dog-photographer-gift-vouchers-surrey-sussex-hampshireDog photography gift vouchers for people who love the great outdoors. Covering Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire. dog-photographer-gift-vouchers-surrey-sussex-hampshireDog photography gift vouchers for people who love the great outdoors. Covering Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire. dog-photographer-gift-vouchers-surrey-sussex-hampshireDog photography gift vouchers for people who love the great outdoors. Covering Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire.

Prices from 150.00

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Whippet Snippets Dog Photographer

Covering Surrey | Sussex | Hampshire




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Luxury Dog Friendly Apartments in Chichester http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2017/11/dog-friendly-luxury-apartments-chichester Luxury Dog Friendly Apartments

I am quite often asked about dog friendly places to stay for our West Wittering Whippet Walk so when I came across The Salterns on Twitter, I asked if I could pop and visit one of their gorgeous properties.

Dog-friendly-apartment-chichester-marina-the-salternsWhippet Snippets reviews dog friendly apartment The Salterns at Chichester Marina, West Sussex

The Location

Less than 15 minutes to West Wittering beach! It's set in the stunning Chichester Marina which is accessed via a long private road. The Salterns is towards the lower end, which is great as you can walk to the dog friendly cafe and restaurant The Boat House. There are plenty of paths to walk your dog right outside the apartments and from there you can hit The Salterns Way, a public path that leads all the way into Chichester if you are feeling brave! There is also a couple of shops on site where you can get provisions.

The-Salterns-Dog-Friendly-apartment-patioWhippet Snippets outside The Salterns apartment in Chichester Marina

The Apartment

We visited No. 5; the apartment has a clean, chic feel to it, with flashes of colour and lovely little finishes here and there. There are wooden floors running through out which is means you don't have to worry about muddy paw prints. You have a coocks kitchen with a breakfast bar, two double rooms and a bathroom. And then there are the views! With big windows which over look the marina, you really are spoiled. The doors open onto a lovely patio area surrounded by a cute little white picket fence, with a gate opening onto a large grassy area where you can walk your hound on lead.

At the Salterns, all the dog friendly apartments are on the ground floor with patio's & access to the lawn area so no stairs to worry about. The apartments have a dog water bowl and a little bowl of treats to make your hound feel welcome.

Walking in the area

The great thing about this location is that you will never be short of walks! You can stroll down the lovely marina and within minutes be on Salterns Way which takes you through woods and fields. A short drive takes you to a plethora of beautiful places, from the blue flag awarded West Wittering beach, to the South Downs Way with it's stunning views over our gorgeous Sussex countryside. There are fields on either side of the marina which will occassionally hold livestock; the field that I walked through via The Salterns Way is unlikely to have any though as it had no fences.


Information for Guests

Some of my lovely followers on my facebook gave lots of questions about what they would ask of a dog friendly apartment. I have answered some above, but here is some more information you may find useful:

  • The Salterns allows two well behaved dogs in it's apartments, there is no restrictions on size or breed.
  • There is no extra charge for dogs (bonus!).
  • They currently do not supply towels for dogs, however they have only been open a year and they are very open to suggestions if you leave a note on their feedback cards.
  • The official line about dogs on the furniture is that they would prefer they didn't, however they understand that sometimes this may happen so if you are worried, they don't mind if you bring throws to cover eg the sofa, especially as you are welcome to leave the dog in the apartment if you want to pop out.
  • There is a dog bin right on the enterance to the apartment.
  • There are coastal stores on sight as well as the dog friendly cafe which has a great menu (and from experience, fantastic chips!!)

The-lounge-at-the-The-Salterns-luxury-apartment We were welcomed at The Boat House - the dog friendly cafe a short walk from the apartments.

The-Boat-House-Cafe-Chichester-MarinaWhippet eyes up the fantastic chips at the Dog Friendly Boat House Cafe in Chichester Marina in West Sussex Some more images of our trip to the marina.

The Salterns | www.thesalterns.co.uk/ | salterns@premiermarinas.com

West Wittering Beach | www.westwitteringbeach.co.uk/


Whippet Snippets Dog Photographer | Covering Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire

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Cotswolds Dog Shoot http://www.whippetsnippets.co.uk/blog/2017/11/cotswolds-dog-shoot Multiple Dogs? Well okay then!

I visited the Cotswolds for the first time this year and fell in love with the rolling countryside & the gorgeous towns with their distinctive stone buildings. I knew I wanted to visit again and as luck would have it, just a few months later I was contacted to find out if I'd do an extended dog family shoot in, you guessed it, the Cotswolds!

As the location was further than I usually travel, the family purchased my middle package, Misty Mornings, and we booked a date. I have to admit, I was super excited about the challenge of doing a shoot with 8, yes 8 dogs and a toddler too.

Husband and I decided to make a weekend out of it and we were managed to find a dog friendly room that would take us and our hounds (you can read about it here). 

The day before the shoot I scouted locations with the mum of the family and we found a lovely long path with a few options for different backgrounds. Usually I would go for a big long walk with clients however with 8 I thought it was best to stay in a relatively small area.

We got a great variety, everything really came together and I used some of the tricks of the trade to get some gorgeous alert expressions.  The black & white image with whippet Monica peering round has been one of my favourite images in a while. I was so taken with all the hounds however Goose the fox red labrador was pretty special, as was firecracker Monica the Whippet.  So without further ado, please meet these gorgeous hounds.


Cotswolds-Dog-Photography-Whippet-Labrador-Terrier-SpanielMultiple dog photography by photographer Kerry Jordan of Whippet Snippets Cotswolds-Dog-Photography-Whippet-Labrador-Terrier-SpanielMultiple dog photography by photographer Kerry Jordan of Whippet Snippets Cotswolds-Dog-Photography-Whippet-Labrador-Terrier-SpanielMultiple dog photography by photographer Kerry Jordan of Whippet Snippets Cotswolds-Dog-Photography-Whippet-Labrador-Terrier-SpanielMultiple dog photography by photographer Kerry Jordan of Whippet Snippets

Cotswolds-Dog-Photography-Whippet-Labrador-Terrier-SpanielMultiple dog photography by photographer Kerry Jordan of Whippet Snippets Cotswolds-Dog-Photography-Whippet-Labrador-Terrier-SpanielMultiple dog photography by photographer Kerry Jordan of Whippet Snippets Cotswolds-Dog-Photography-Whippet-Labrador-Terrier-SpanielMultiple dog photography by photographer Kerry Jordan of Whippet Snippets Cotswolds-Dog-Photography-Whippet-Labrador-Terrier-SpanielMultiple dog photography by photographer Kerry Jordan of Whippet Snippets

Haslemere Dog Photographer | Covering Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire | Hello@Whippetsnippets.co.uk

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